Thank you!

No time to say much more than thank you. For coming out to support handmade. For making another event warm and friendly. For showing our out-of-town vendors just how great Rochester is!

Pictures and more to come soon!!


Vendor Spotlight: Second Storie

As well as pulling this event together every year, we each sell our own wares as well. We thought we'd introduce ourselves this year. We truly can't wait to say hello to all of you in person!

Shanna Murray
Talk about a banner-year. If 2010 belongs to anyone, it's Shanna. Mentions in countless magazines & blogs. Beautiful & inspiring collaborations. A fruitful & grateful life, brought forth in her work. You simply need to see it for yourself.

Karen Stocks: Infiknit
Infiknit is the brain child of self taught knitter Karen Stocks. Soft & Bold, Strong & Delicate. Karen has the ingenious ability to marry pattern, texture and color into the perfect union that is fresh and inspiring! Did I mention that she creates her own patterns for her line as well? Luxurious and impeccably crafted you do not want to leave without one of her beautiful pieces!

Rachael Hetzel: Pistachio Press
Rachael is a master at combining pattern and color, and when she letterpresses them together, her product is perfectly tactile and artful. Drawing her imagery from her life, it's no surprise that her prints and stationary are full, rich, elegant, and humorous.

Cristina Sasso:Luna Bella
Cris makes the sweetest notebooks and some of them are even made with post-it notes! The size is just perfect to carry in your purse, tuck into a Christmas stocking, or maybe even store in your car when you need to jot something down quickly!

JoAnn McGranahan: Vintage Refashioned
JoAnn brings bits of paper to life. Her collages and embroidered vintage maps give new, delightful purpose to ephemera that may have otherwise been discarded.

Stop in, say hello, and shop for the favorite people on your list. There is truly something for everyone!

Second Storie Indie Market
Visual Studies Workshop Auditorium
31 Prince St
Rochester, NY 14607

Saturday Nov 27th 11-5
Sunday Nov 28th 11-4

Vendor Spotlight: Handsome Miss Mock

You've never seen jewelry quite like this. Geometric. Elegant. Kind of math-y. All things good, in other words! Completely distinctive, Handsome Miss Mock offers all of these things in her necklaces, and perhaps a bit more that is indefinable. I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us!

Vendor Spotlight: Hey Buddy!

Looking for something retro? A little vintage-graphic something-or-other for that hard-to-shop-for friend? Dan Varenka of Hey Buddy's got you covered. Or screen-printed, rather. His collection of shirts, messenger-bags and magnets are vintage inspired, somewhat random, and simply fun.

Vendor Spotlight: Cecelia Hayes

Cecelia Hayes makes just about the sweetest flower pins we've ever seen. Really. Hand-dyed velvet, impeccable workmanship, and the most beautiful color palette. Sure to bring out the girly-girl in all of us!

Vendor Spotlight: Ink + Wit

Tara Hogan is the artist, designer and driving force behind Ink + Wit. Her unique illustration style is instantly recognizable and oh so beautiful. Come visit her table and find practically everything you need this season: prints, linens, letterpresss calendars and note cards, and even wrapping paper.

Vendor Spotlight: The Violet Line

Colette from The Violet Line was with us on our very first show. We were all instantly smitten with her beautiful original bird paintings and mixed media collages. She now offers digital prints and card sets of her lovely watercolors. Her table was bustling last year, so make sure you stop in and get your favorite before it's gone!

Vendor Spotlight: Buffalo Craft Company

You may remember Katie Sallander from last year, with her table of gorgeous metal jewelry. Since last year's show she's has joined forces with husband Mark Farrell to create Buffalo Craft Company. We love the large sized, yet delicately etched surface these pieces have.

Vendor Spotlight: Crude Crafts

Lizz Switzer of Crude Crafts is a long-time friend of ours here at Second Storie. Working not only in the crafts arena, she is also an amazingly talented artist. Visit her site to see some of her past installation work. It is truly inspiring. Come visit her at our show (in just 3 days!) to snag one of her sweet screen-printed pillows or tea-stained note cards!

What was the inspiration for your business name?
My aesthetics tend towards the under-wrought, simple and natural which is what the term crude means, it was an obvious choice for me.

Do you listen to while you work?

Most of my artwork, both "capital a" and "little a" is created in front of or near a TV. I have a list of movies and tv shows that I love and listen to while working. Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The West Wing being at the top of the list. For me its always felt more soothing. I love stories. On the occasion that I am listening to music, it tends to be The Rolling Stones, or Radiohead. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Antje Duvekot.

Where are you and your studio located?
I live in Buffalo, and I work out of my home. I wish I had a bigger space- but I love that my cats can wander through as I'm working.

How did you get started in your current medium?
I've been making things with my hands since I was a little kid. My mother's favorite story about me is how when I was about 2 or so she brought home a book from the library called "How to Raise a Creative Child" -- I colored in it. She decided she'd done her job and took it back!

A close friend of mine said if I didn't make art I'd probably chew my own hands off. It's true, I love to keep busy. But the act of making is so ingrained into my sense of myself that I don't know what I would do with myself. I'm an artist, its how I enter the world.

I work in a variety of media. In college, I majored in Photography and Drawing- as a Grad student I worked in Painting, Screenprinting, and Mulit-media Installation. Fiber has always been a big part of my work as well- I remember learning to embroider when I was 10- on a mushroom sampler! I learned to knit about 5 years ago from friends and personal experimentation.

What are your current influences?
My fellow artists and crafters are at the top of the list. I obsessively read blogs looking for more and more ideas and inspiration. Joetta Maue's blog Little Yellow Birds as at the top of the list for sure. Beyond that Louise Bourgeouis, Petah Coyne, Kiki Smith and Doris Salcedo are big influences on my work. A lot of my ideas come from books and songs though. I've always loved words and have a background in creative writing. PJ Harvey, Radiohead and Liz Phair are great sources for that.

What is your favorite part about your art/craft?
Absolutely the community. I've met some of the most amazing people through indie markets and gallery exhibitions.

Have any special events coming up before Second Storie that you'd like everyone to know about?

Just after actually, I'm part of a group show at Studio Hart on Allen St in Buffalo opening December 3rd called "Winter Wonder" curated by Cynnie Gaasch -- I'll be debuting some new embroidered pieces.

Vendor Spotlight: Concepcioun

Christine Walker of Concepcioun makes the most beautiful reusable felt notebooks. With hand-stitched inserts for your to-do lists, your addresses, travel plans, your favorite wines, or blank for just about anything, she's got you covered. Well, your notebooks, at least. Check out her line of wedding guest books as well. They are stunning!

Vendor Spotlight: Pearl & Marmalade

Pearl & Marmalade have a perfect combination of lovely, sophisticated and quirky. Their line of letterpress stationery & prints can be best summed up in their own words"

"With an emphasis on interesting typesetting, modern and classic compositions, coupled with sumptuous graphics we have created something different, approachable and new for today's corresponding public"

Vendor Spotlight: Secret Pocket

You will likely remember Mackenzie Sasser for her lovely display of fabric covered magnets. This year, you'll find a whole new Secret Pocket with a table full of her beautiful, soft (and I mean soft) handwoven scarves.

What was the inspiration for such fun name?

My husband and I were brainstorming and he said secret pocket, and immediately it clicked for me, because I grew up as a young girl who's greatest dream was to have a coat with secret pockets (that's what I actually called them) like my dad's suits where he kept tic tacs. So it just seemed perfect, even though I don't make anything with secret pockets in it (a frequent question).

What music do you like to listen to while working?
Calm stuff, like Sufjan, or girl singers like she and him, or St. Vincent. I am totally biased toward girl singers.

Where is your studio?
In a spare bedroom in my house.

How did you get started in weaving & knitting?
I had an opportunity to learn how to weave from a friend's mom, and I have always wanted to learn. Every week in the summer I went to her house and got lessons.

What are your current influences?
I am really inspired by Japanese styling, and minimal Scandinavian design.

What is your favorite part about your craft?

Being an avid knitter, I love the quiet solitude and repetitive nature of weaving, and that I can put on a movie and work for a few hours.

Vendor Spotlight: The Sweetie Pie Press

Becky Johnson of The Sweetie Pie Press has a knack for mixing the sweet and the silly together with a bit of the off-beat. The result? Fun. Just take a look at her self affirmation buttons - that can only be read while looking in the mirror! Come see her and check out her array of quirky buttons, zines, DIY mini-installation kits and (my personal favorite) secret messages.

Vendor Spotlight: Herriott Grace

Oh, my. So few words can describe how utterly beautiful Herriott Grace's items are. Hand carved spoons, scoops & rollings pins. Ribbon-topped cake flags. Kitchen linens adorned with feathers. All so subtle and austere. I can't wait to pick up one of her wooden spoons and just hold it in my hand. I'm certain that it will fit perfectly.