A little peek

It's a busy week for us here. We're getting our little vendor packages all ready to send out, and that means we are ready to kick preparations into high gear!

In the upcoming weeks we'll be spotlighting our vendors so you can get to know them, and get excited about what they'll be bringing to second storie. We can't wait to introduce them to you properly!

In the meantime, here's a little peek at what we're up to.

Patterned Monday

This time of year makes me absolutely crazy for tweed. I love seeing all the different ways people find to use it.







Friday Favorites

OK seriously, how awesome are these postcards from paper & type? Fill in the (super-fun) blanks on the invitation section on top, tear it off, send it. Repeat for the thank-you section at the bottom. It's like filling out office paperwork. But fun office paperwork.

Happy weekend, everyone!

World Maker Faire 2010

What do you get when you mix art, design, craft, and science? You get the World Maker Faire. Having much success on the west coast, this weekend marks the debut on our fair coast, in New York City.

If you can get thee to New York, this weekend you will surely not be sorry. It's not only family-friendly, they seem to be encouraging you to bring the entire family along. There will be food, fire, art, craft and activities for all. It promises to be a geeksplosion of awesome proportions.

You can get all sort of excited by checking out the Make Flickr pool to see what crazy stuff folks are up to. You can also check out their blog.

Friday Favorites

Elin Thomas draws her inspiration from the strangest of places: mold. And lichen. Her shop, Elinart is full of crochet & embroidery jewelry that resemble spreading blooms of mold & lichen, and are little pieces of art themselves. The tiniest of stitches and details make them exquisite. And her color palette is just perfect.

I just love how she's asking us to look at something we usually find a bit unsettling and see it in a new light. A very beautiful one.

Happy weekend!

The maple leaf

With fall just around the corner, we thought we'd celebrate it with that most iconic of all the deciduous leaves: the maple leaf. Who says you have to be Canadian to love this beautiful shape?

from top:
Andrew Morell Photography
Brilliance Found
Lea Seguin

Patterned Monday

It is a chilly morning here in Western NY and what better way to warm it up than with that favorite of sweaters and socks: argyle!

from top:
Adelle L


Jennifer Ladd handmade

Ana Paula Rizzo

Friday Favorites

Everyone loves a good Moleskin notebook, right? Well now you can dress it up with these gorgeous, re-usable covers from Lotta Helleberg. Simple, subtle and just so pretty. They'll make writing in y our favorite notebook even more fun.

Enjoy this late-summer weekend, friends!

Pencil crazy

We are totally pencil-obsessed over here lately. Nothing fully conjures up warm memories of back-to-school quite like pencils. I still love the smell of a freshly-sharpened pencil.

I like these recycled paper pencils by from soul.

And you need something to put all those lovely pencils in. Simple wooden pencil holder from less & more and owl print pencil case from roddy & ginger

Loving the idea of sharpening my pencils in this vintage desktop pencil sharpener from soviet vintage.

Get doodling in this gorgeous recycled-paper journal from cutiepie company.

What conjures up the strongest back-to-school memories for you?

Friday Favorites

Back against the wall. Head held as high as possible. Shoulders straight. Standing perfectly still to get every single centimeter because every one counts!

Nothing was more exciting than seeing how much more one had grown since the last little pencil mark. Back then we did it right on the wall or door jam but today's kids are way cooler especially if they are growing to new heights that are being recorded on these most awesome growth charts designed by Yulia of Giraffes and Stuff.

These growth charts are hip and cool and fit an assortment of personalities! If I was still & growing I would want one of these on my wall... C'mon you know you, I mean your child, wants one!

(Plus there's even more cool things to go along with them in her shop!)

Have a chart topping kinda day!

Burnt Sienna

A little burnt sienna to mark the first day of September. Those crisp days, fallen leaves, and autumn sun are on their way.

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