Friday Favorites

I cannot get over the simplicity of these little healing stones by Lilla Jizo. She has taken lowly pieces of beach glass and stone and transformed them into something so special. Call them friends, healers, guardians. Carry them with you on your travels. Tell them your woes, your secrets, your wishes. Perhaps just let them live on your bookshelf and be adored every day. I cannot help but think your life would be better with one of these little friends in it. I know mine will be.

Enjoy the long weekend if you have it!


All of us here at Second Storie have are a little obsessed with paper garlands. They've become an integral part of our shows and we simply adore them. We found the tutorial for a slightly different take on the idea over at project wedding. These vellum mobiles are presented as a decoration for a shower or reception, but we think they are so fun and versatile that you could use them for any occasion. Birthday parties, picnics, even just for your home, to celebrate the change in seasons! They've made them in assorted fun colors, but can you imagine them in only shades of blue or violet? Yellow? Oh my gosh, what about all white... oh the possibilities!

Patterned Mondays

This week, I'm paying homage to the master of floral pattern, William Morris. His wallpaper designs are so beautiful and renowned that they can be purchased as art prints.These images are but a few (and likely not even the best) examples of his seemingly endless number of designs.

all images are from V&A Prints.

just in time....

... for Friday Favorites. A weekly look at one of our favorite things on Etsy (and elsewhere!)

I have this spot. You know the one, that perfect little niche that you always glance at and see white wall. It's been screaming "put a clock here already!" But it has to be perfect. And different. And fun. And just plain have personality. A tall order I know. Perhaps that is why it has been blank for a while.

But take a look at these time keepers and I know you will agree that Keith Moore's designs at pilotdesign are just that. different. fun. personality galore. Perfect!

I think it's time to fill your spot too!

and furthering the idea...

...of bringing the outdoors in, we found this grass rug from Lion Brand Yarn over at Craft this morning. We're sure it's (almost) as great as sliding your bare feet through the fresh, green, grass. Whether you knit or crochet (or know someone who does!) this little patch of summer can be yours.

Pattern Mondays: Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

Pattern Mondays is our newest feature here at Second Storie. Each week we'll share with you a few patterns with a common theme.

How does your garden grow? With the bounty of spring just about to burst forth, we found a few ways to bring the outdoors in.

birds by Galbraith & Paul

Luna Moth by Michael Miller

Soul Blossoms collection by Amy Butler (found via True Up)

Arcadian Garden Rug by Anthropologie

How do you bring the outdoors in? What's your favorite pattern of the moment? We'd love to hear!

Friday Favorites

Time for some fashion! With the warmer weather upon us, I can't help but anticipate the days of wearing a simple summer frock like this one from My Lola Fashion. I can see this looking just as cute cute with a pair of jeans. These clothes are feminine and cute, but simple and practical. Soft, comfy and a little off kilter. In other words: perfect.

Ooh! And you could pair it with this sweet little shawl on those breezy afternoons...

Alright... now all I need is summer :)

Have a great weekend, friends!

Latent Pattern at Dog + Pony Projects

Latent Pattern, is the first exhibit by one of Buffalo's newest galleries Dog and Pony Projects. It features the works of John Fleischer and Arjan Zazueta, both known for their use of pattern. The exhibit opened on Friday May, 7th and continues through June 29th.

From Dog + Pony's site: "Formally and conceptually, their work is based in painting and drawing, but blur those lines and reach into the realm of sculpture. While both artists concern themselves with insignificant materials, and catch the viewer’s eye with pattern, they strive to illuminate underlying issues of impermanence, self-awareness and perception."

In a word: gorgeous. Get on over there and check it out.

Dog + Pony Projects
561 Forest Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14222

Friday Favorites

Today's Favorite is something I've been looking forward to sharing with you for weeks! I've been day-dreaming of these little automata hand crank wooden sail boats lately. They're made by a fine gentleman in Portland who calls himself cartoonmonster. You can find his delightful shop here.

In my opinion, they're the perfect type of handmade present. A small, carefully made treasure that is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you bring it to life. It's certainly on my wish list - but even better, a loved one with an upcoming birthday will be the recipient of one of these beauties very soon! I know he's going to love it as much as I do.

I'm so grateful that artists like cartoonmonster make the work they do. Work like this ensures that little joys and magic sparks that set the heart a-flutter will never die out. Thank goodness for that.

Hope your heart's a-flutter, too!

Abby Try Again giveaway!

Just a quick little post today - lots to do!

Our dear friend Abby from Abby Try Again announced a giveaway on Poppy & Leo! You can win a whole big bunch of her amazing photos. You have until midnight on Thursday, May 6th to enter. Yes, that's tomorrow! Hurry! What better way to ring in the new season than with Abby's warm, light-filled images.

And if that weren't cool enough, Abby is moving to Texas (!) and has put all of her photos on sale. Go and grab your favorite before May 9th when she'll be closing down he shop until June.

Hope it's warm & sunny where you are!