friday favorites

it's friday favorites time! this is where one of us showcases a favorite etsy pick. what a great way to end the week and get the daydreaming started for the weekend!

Life can be so complicated sometimes and nothing reminded me more of the happiness of simplicity than the work of Shelli of Studio Mela . I smile every time I look at The Little Wish and smile even wider as I see more of her lovely, charming work. If you are in need of a little happiness in your day then go straight to this etsy shop!


in the meantime

well, the applications are in and we're busy making decisions. always a difficult process, we're going through each applicant carefully to make sure we put our best foot forward. we're feeling awed and humbled by the caliber of work we're seeing this time. we simply can't wait to introduce our new friends to you! we'll have our big announcement coming soon!

on a side note, we're excited to let you know that a we just dropped off our donation of handmade goodies to the make a wish foundation. it's one of many items that will be auctioned at their creative black tie gala event on november 1, at the hyatt regency right here in rochester. we couldn't be happier to offer a little handmade help.

a special weekend past

in honor of shelly (married just three days ago!) and joAnn (married five years and two days ago!), i have been stealing a few moments here and there the past few days to indulge in the inspiration behind a handmade wedding. i thought i would share some inspiration with all of you...

rings by ash hilton
bouquet by midori designs
dove by paloma's nest
invitation by pistachio press

see you tomorrow!

it's still not too late!

our application deadline is today, monday the 27th. if you hurry, you can still make it!

we're bursting at the seams to tell you some of the amazing applicants we've gotten already! we are sworn to secrecy right now but we'll share with you soon, we promise. trust us when we tell you that this second storie indie market is shaping up to be simply the best ever!

wanna to do your part to make sure it is? we really want to get the word out. by hanging posters and fliers in your corner of the city, you can help make sure that everyone knows about it. plus, when you are there with your friends and it's totally packed and everyone is having an absolute blast, you can say: "yeah, i helped make it awesome."

now, how cool is that.

drop us a line and let us know you want to spread the word.

friday favorites (it's new!)

welcome to our newest feature! each friday one of us will be showcasing a favorite etsy pick. what a great way to end the week and get the daydreaming started for the weekend!

it's not yet november, and i'm already pining for the snow-covered landscapes of the holidays, with gold, glowing windows dotting the horizon. i can feel the summer love in me breaking as i long to cozy up with a cup of tea and ginger cookies to snack on. maybe this is why i've been so drawn to this elegant necklace by kate szabone... the shiny, warm and inviting pinecone offers all that i want from my holiday-card scenery, without betraying my true love for summer evenings.

little things

congrats to our very own shanna murray for her interview over at indie fixx.
shanna has many big things going for her right now, but she takes time to appreciate the little ones. a free afternoon, a fresh cup of tea, the simple companionship of a four-legged friend. she reminds us that we should all take the time to find those little things that make it all worth it.

there's still time...

there's still 6 more days to apply for our biggest event to date!
so you still have time to toss a couple photos of your work in the mail and get them in to us.

we'll be waiting excitedly by the mailbox!

on a rooftop

we are so grateful to anyone who helps us spread the word about our upcoming show. second storie is five women strong, but even at the top of our lungs, our voices can only go so far.

a heartfelt thanks goes out to jenny at ljcfyi for her very sweet post about our market. we wish she could be there as much as she does! and a huge thank you also goes out to our friend and vendor nancy who spoke the kindest words about us!

we try to acknowledge all those who take the time to help lift us up. you can find all of them on our sidebar. take a moment to visit these wonderful blogs and meet our friends.

our spirits are soaring to know there are so many on top of that roof shouting with us.

put your hands together...

for our friend nancy topolski. you can find her beautiful art and craft in many places. but on this gorgeous monday, one of them was here! an honor, indeed. hooray for nancy!

while she may soon be running out of fingerless gloves (those cozy harbingers of fall) you will most certainly find something else to love in her shop.

photo courtesy of secondseed

pressing on...

all you need is one conversation with aijung kim to be completely enamored with her. we at second storie found this out too late! she was only able to participate in one of our events before replanting herself in portland, oregon two months ago. and although rochester is surely lacking now, we're so excited for aijung and all the crafty adventures that await her on the west coast!

in fact, she's already busy at work. you can read all about her art and craft and the inspiration behind both in an interview over at sequential tart.

we'd also like to take this opportunity to thank blair of wisecraft for her super sweet post about us and our upcoming event!

spreading the word

we have some fun news to share...
one of our favorite artists, abbey hendrickson is organizing an international zine exchange! here's the deal: you make your zines, send them in, and in exchange, you get one from every artist. plus, not only do you get an awesome collection of international zines, all submissions will be part of the zine collection at the university at buffalo. sounds like a cool deal to us! if all the entries look even half as amazing as abbey's own cover design (above), then we are all in for a treat!

the deadline is november 15th.
we'll let abbey fill you in on the rest of the details here.
better get a move on...

check it out!

if you haven't already, go check out the interview rachael did for jen over at indiefixx!

see you at the market!

carrot crazy

well, we're pleased to announce the south wedge farmer's market has officially sold out of these little beauties! so we'll be back again this week making more. come on out and join the lovely shanna and karen as they try to keep up with the demand! perhaps you can customize one of your own. you surely don't want to be the only one on your block without one (or a bunch!) gracing your door...

see you there,

won't you join us?

we are right in the heart of the indie market preparations and are so super excited! aren't you? i just love thinking ahead to that cozy holiday weekend with such a wonderful gathering of friends and art... ahh, but there is much to do before we can let ourselves daydream away. so much, in fact, that we are looking for help. we have so many wonderful things planned, and we want to get as many of you involved as we can...
spend a couple of hours with us on sunday, november 30th as we help warm some hands at our craftivism table. or come a little early on saturday, november 29th to help us pull it all together before the shopping begins. can't help out during the event? we always need help spreading the word around town beforehand. so gather your friends and help us make this our best event yet! just drop us a quick line and let us know that you want to help... we can't wait to share!

image courtesy of

our family is growing!

we've been harboring a secret...
but now we're ready to share it with all of you!

we are giddy with excitement to announce shelly bronson and nicole lecht as new members to our ever growing second storie family! both are tremendously talented artists whose work you may know more familiarly as french press and freshly blended press.

they have both been friends of second storie from the very beginning so it was a natural fit. both shelly and nicole live and work in buffalo, new york. their feeling (and ours) was that buffalo has a fantastic art + craft scene but lacks an indie craft market like second storie.


yep, that's right! we're bringing all our handmade goodness to you, buffalo! and we will be setting up shop as early as next spring! both nicole and shelly know the buffalo art + craft scene very well and are certain to bring a whole new energy to second storie. we are totally pumped to begin this new chapter!

we'll have more news on this exciting front in the near future including the when, the where and the how-can-i-apply!

until then, get crafting.

news to come soon!

hello hand made friends! the crew here at second storie is getting ready to settle in for a nice fall weekend. some of us have exciting plans out of town and some of us have projects to work on at home. isn't autumn the best?

we must admit, though, we're on the edge of our seat: we have a big announcement to share with all of you on monday!

i won't spoil it, but i will tell you this much: there will soon be more of second storie to love...

that's all i'm giving you! now get out there and enjoy autumn!