Monday morning teaser

Good morning and happy Monday to you, friends! If we seem especially giddy today it's because we spent the weekend looking at all of our fantastic applicants and making our final decisions. This was no easy task, let me tell you! But the end result of all this work is going to be an amazing show. We have folks coming from all over the country. The country! The talent and variety of mediums we received is unmatched. You can already go ahead and chalk it up to our best show yet. Really!

We are so, so excited you guys.

We hate to be a tease, but we can't show you today....
but we can tomorrow!


Friday Favorites

Fabbiz is a collaborative effort between a textile designer and a graphic designer. The result? Gorgeous pieces like this. Bold color and line, married with the delicacy of hand embroidery. This piece, The Brooklet, is my favorite in their shop, but all of their wok is beautiful.

See you Monday,

French Press on Buffalo Rising

French Press was recently featured on Buffalo Rising, a website devoted to all that is cool in and around Buffalo, NY. We've been fans of French Press for years and already know how cool they are. And now everyone will! To read the interview and see some more photos of Shelly and her studio, go here.

Congrats on the much-deserved recognition, Shelly!

Knit The City

Guerrilla knitting. The act of politely (or maybe not so politely) adorning simple everyday public spaces with knitted goods. Knit The City has been targeting areas of London with their creations since February. I love how they put it: "No part of the city is safe from Knit the City’s woolly war on the mundane, humdrum and expected." Their inspiration comes from Knitta Please (featured in the film Handmade Nation) who have been "bombing the inner city with vibrant, stitched works of art" in NYC since 2005. Signposts, beer bottles, monuments, even telephone booths, nothing is safe from a yarn bombing! These women, at home or abroad are seriously cool.

What I love about Knit The City is how beautiful their pieces are. These photos are from their most recent project the Oranges and Lemons Odyssey. As if London wasn't pretty enough!

The lesson? You can be both subversive and gorgeous.


A Cut Above

As a lover of all things paper I can not even begin to express my love for these fabulous artists.

The patience, skill and imagination that transform a mere white or colored sheet of paper, a newspaper or an entire book as everyday as a dictionary astound me!
I am inspired and hope you are as well!!

check out even more here.

Bovey Lee

Jolis Paons

Brian Dettmer

all images courtesy of

May your day be a cut above!

Freshly Blended Monday

If you hadn't already heard, our very dear friend Nicole of Freshly Blended Press has been doing a little guest blogging at Decor8 over the past few days. The other day she took readers on a tour of her adorable little house and shared some of her favorite pieces. One of them is from our very own Shanna Murray! Here's a peek...

Friday Favorites

This banner from woodrootling is so simple and so sweet. I love thinking of it being taken out each year and carefully hung to greet a little one on their special day. Year after year, this is the treat they look forward to; just for them...
It leaves me smiling.
Happy (birth)Day to you all.


video from chloe elise on flickr

I found this the other day and I can't stop watching it, so I wanted to share it with you. It is made completely from stop-motion and natural light. The first few frames are my favorite.

She also has lots of beautiful natural light photographs you can see here.

Installation envy

First, take a look at these photos of Tara Donovan's work.
Okay, now look at them again, knowing that these installations and sculptures are made from ordinary things like drinking straws, fishing line, Styrofoam cups and tar paper. Incredible, right? I am completely in awe.

These photos come from the Ace Gallery website.

This is it!

Well, folks, today is the day. If you haven't already, scramble together an application and get it in to us! We are simply busting at the seams to share with you some of the amazing applicants we've received this year. We'll be taking a couple of weeks to jury them all so sit tight, friends. Once we've let our 2009 vendors know that they will be joining us, we'll let you know so you can start planning your shopping list! We are truly thrilled about this year's show. By getting an earlier start, we're ensuring that every detail is covered, and we bring Rochester only the very best we can muster. We are so, so excited.

Don't forget: we'll be screening the indie film Handmade Nation, Faythe Levine's exploration of the DIY movement and it's humble beginnings. We are proud to say it will be the premiere for western New York! Learn more here.

That's all for today, as we are busy, busy, busy!

Happy Monday,

Friday Favorites

This week's Friday Favorite comes from Timothy Adams Design. I love the idea of wearing this little camera pendant by everywhere I go. It's so small and it's lines are so simple. And on top of that, it's just so cool! You can even look through the viewfinder! I like that its a little distressed, just like your favorite old camera. It begs the question: what will you be going out to photograph this weekend?

And don't forget: Monday is our application deadline!
Happy weekend, friends.

Plastic Life

Have you guys heard of this? Photographer Vincent Bousserez's project entitled Plastic Life is on display in the Charly Bailey Gallery in Geneva Switzerland. The photos depict tiny little people living a life in our world, right under our noses (literally in some cases!). As well as a seriously cool idea, the photos are gorgeous. Check out his collection on flickr.

I'm completely captivated!

Attention all crafters!

There's only one week left to apply for this year's Second Storie event! Monday, August 17th is the deadline for entries and trust us, you don't want to miss out on this one. What better way to spend a weekend than selling your wares and hanging out some of the coolest crafters around? And if you are considering coming from out of town, we've got plans to make it easy-as-pie to find lodging and connect with friends. So, why haven't you applied yet?

We've already gotten an amazing collection of applicants that we really wish we could share with you! But our lips are sealed until the time is right. If you need some inspiration, you can check out last year's vendor list here. Pretty amazing, huh?

The details again:
Saturday November 28th 11 am - 6 pm
Sunday November 29th 11 am - 4 pm
Visual Studies Workshop Auditorium
31 Prince Street
Rochester, NY 14607

Get to it!

Friday Favorites

I have been in love with Larimeloom's clothing for a long time. I could spend the rest of my life in clothes like this: soft, comfortable, and feminine. And her color palette is so dreamy with it's dark and earthy colors. Frankly, it makes me want to pack up, move to the Mediterranean coast and never look back....
But I'm getting ahead of myself. Perhaps it is time to actually buy this shirt!

Keeping Up

One of our favorite artists from our last event is Lori Hutchinson. She was recently featured on Virginia Kraljevic's Five Things. It's a sweet and fun little post. Also, her work is featured along with the tiny interview so you can see what she's been up to! We are loving this embroidered piece! You can see more in her shop.

Monday: inspired

Okay, so you probably already saw this on Poppytalk this morning...
But just in case you hadn't, I needed to share it. Wallpapered furniture by Byronie Porter. Simply amazing!

Just what I needed to get the creativity and inspiration flowing this week!