Friday Favorite

Simply loving the look of these vintage-inspired custom bus scrolls by TransitDesign. You send in your list of favorite places and you get a super-cool canvas scroll in the style of vintage destination blinds found in train and bus stations.

What a neat way to commemorate places you've lived or visited. Or you could fill it with places you've never been but have always wanted to. How's that for a bucket-list?

Don't forget that you have a mere few days to get your application in to us! The deadline is Monday, August 2nd.

Update time

We've been super-busy this last month and a half, splitting our time between personal projects and preparation for the upcoming show. We're here to remind you that our application deadline is fast approaching! If you want to be a part of magic, then get your images to us, pronto! The application period closes on Monday, August 2. That's less than a week! We can hardly believe it ourselves.

Seeing all of the talented crafters out there and making decisions is one of the most difficult parts of putting on a show like this, but it's also one of our favorites. You guys are all so talented!

So..... we expect a flood of entries in these next few days. Go ahead, fill our mailbox. We love it.

You can get your application here.

Patterned Mondays: Polka Dots

Happy Monday everyone!
Before we get to our usual Patterned Monday, we just want to say hi. We've been here and we've been posting, but we really haven't talked to you in a while. We've been having so much fun curating our little pattern and color-collection posts that we just sort of let them speak for us. And let's be honest: it's summer. We're hard at work enjoying it, you know? We know the same is true for you as well. We promise we'll pop in and say hello more often as we'll start to have news very soon!

Polk dots. You gotta love 'em. Even in black & white they are beautiful. Enjoy!

Art Flow
Pink Bow
Skye Suicide

Friday Favorites

Here in Western New York, it is a gray, rainy Friday morning (secretly loving it) so today's pick is bright, fun and colorful.

We are just loving these adorable felt magnets from MiChiMaLAND. They are soft, pliable, and perfectly sized for little fingers. And really, how great will these look on your refrigerator? You can buy sets of serif, sans serif, numbers, and even letters in German, Norwegian, and Hebrew.

See you all next week!

It was all yellow....

Bright, soft, and perfectly summery.
Hmmmm.... I think it's time for a glass of lemonade.

joey armstrong
zoey taylor
t does wool

Patterned Mondays

A little houndstooth to start the week...

from top: davidgano, lydiafairy, let them eat cake, lovesmenot, carolion, anniphoebe

Friday Favorites

In keeping with our theme of nostalgia, we're sharing some of Joetta Maue's work today. Her shop, Bird and Bear, features antique and vintage linens embroidered with handwritten-looking words and phrases. Some are romantic. Some are haunting. They are stained, imperfect and flawed. And because of that, they are perfect.

Here's to a thoughtful, memory-laden, nostalgic weekend. See you Monday, friends.

Barely there

This week is all about subtlety. The faded colors of an heirloom quilt. The softness of a favorite flower. Sun-washed paint. That barely-there pink that shows itself when the light is just right. These photos all seem to take us on a walk down memory lane.

We'll meet you there...

angela chandler, jana
monsieur oiseau

Patterned Mondays

It's the perfect time of year for some nostalgia, we think.
Some summery vintage quilts to start the week.

from top: Runaway Muse, Poppalina, Tara Badcock, {philistine made}, Marzipan Inc

Happy Monday!

Friday Favorites

The moment I saw Lucy Snowe's photo of a baby lamb just hanging out in the kitchen, I was smitten. It's just such a perfect little moment.

Upon browsing her shop, I found it to be the only one of it's kind, but that doesn't mean the rest of her photos aren't brilliant. Just check out this little chihuahua wrapped in a scarf! Many of here photos are of the vintage and surreal variety and many have an undertone of mystery to them. And they are just so pretty.

Wishing all of you respite from the heat this weekend!

cooling down

Boy it's been hot in these parts lately! Green can be such a cooling and soothing color, and seems to be just what we need right now. If you all don't mind, I'm just going to dive in....