Our 2014 Food Vendors!

We promised food trucks and boy, are you in for a treat! We're excited to announce that The Bento Box truck will be bringing their fresh Asian-fusion cuisine to our front door! Also joining us again this year with their stuffed corn-flour-flatbread tastiness is Hello Arepa!

Once you're inside the lobby, you'll find our good friends, and the bringers of fuel in the form of caffeine, Joe Bean Coffee Roasters!

We can't wait to see all of you tomorrow!

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Pidge Pidge

We are immensely happy to welcome Pidge Pidge back to Second Storie! It's been a couple years since she joined us with her exquisite handwoven scarves and we have missed her. One look at her craftsmanship and colors and you'll know why. Trying to decide exactly which combination of colors and patterns is nearly impossible. We're super jazzed about her new pendants and clutches as well!

See more here: pidgepidge.etsy.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Pistachio Press

Letterpress is taken to a new level when you meet Rachael of Pistachio Press. Whether you've had the pleasure of working with her on a custom invitation, have picked up one of her fun cards or need to own one of her amazing prints you will know that whatever you have is of the best quality. The creativity is endless in this lady!  The only thing more amazing than her work is her. We should know - she's a Second Storie co-founder!

See her collection here: pistachiopress.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Odd Mod Studio

We're happy to welcome back Odd Mod Studio with their super-cool collection of leather cuffs. Looking for a simple wristband? They've got it. Want something a little more edgy? Flashy, even? They've got that, too. Colors and patterns galore, plus a fair amount of retro cred. You'll be looking cool for sure!

Want to see more? You'll have to stop by their table this weekend!

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Jonelle Maira Jewelry

Bold and sophisticated, Jonelle's jewelry is always right on-trend. Her use of bright, rich color is truly a feast for the eyes. Her ancient themes and notions gives each piece a talisman-like quality. Each bracelet, necklace and earring set can easily coordinate with any other, but also stand out just as well alone. Truly amazing!

See her entire collection here:

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Just Terrific

Hand-sewn notebooks and journals big enough to hold your deepest desires and wishes, or small enough to wear around your neck. Rachel of Just Terrific makes gorgeous pieces of functional art. As well as her journals, Rachel offers a line of lovely adornments. Personally, I can't wait to see these tiny treasures in person!

See more here: justterrific.com

CRAFTIVISM /// SPOTLIGHT :: The Seedfolk Project

Community Engagement. Youth Empowerment. The Seedfolk Project is developing our community's youth into leaders.  We are excited and proud to feature this amazing initiative as our Craftivism project this year. Meet some of the young representatives at our event and ask them how you can contribute!
Learn more about them at our craftivism page.
Like them on facebook. 

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Kala Stein Ceramics

We are always honored to have Kala join us at Second Storie. We swear, folks come just to see her and her collection of mugs, vases, and graphic art tiles. At home on a shelf or the kitchen table, her pieces are always the perfect blend of art and function. We're pretty much obsessed!

See her gallery here: kalastein.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Small Bird Jewelry

You probably know Small Bird from having participated in almost every one of our events. And while Jenna remains the same sweet person, her pieces are fresh and new! Stunning, polished gemstones in the most amazing colors and simple, bold settings. We are always excited to see what she brings!

Find her here:

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Vintage Refashioned

The perfect marriage of traditional craft made with a fresh approach. Whether you covet her vintage maps, showing love for a favorite city, or you need to have her amazingly detailed embroideries, you will cherish it forever knowing the love and passion that went into them. Oh, did I forget to mention JoAnn is a Second Storie co-founder, cause she is!

See more here: refashioned.etsy.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: The Knotty Owl

Ashley of the Knotty Owl is one of our favorite artists, and I think we can honestly say we all own one of her pieces (and know many other people who do as well). Always working on something new, her work is constantly changing, yet always amazing. Ashley does wooden jewelry like nobody else. Check her out and become addicted yourself!

Find more here: theknottyowl.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Hey Buddy! Why's Your Car So Big?

Classic, vintage imagery and witty words - that's what you'll find at Hey Buddy's table. There's fun screen-printed shirts and tote bags for you and your little one, plus fun hand-bound books. The newest offering of the periodical Eat Zine will also be there so stop by and check it out!

Learn more here: heybuddy.etsy.com


Inspired by molecular forms and architectural structures as well as a bit of bohemian influence you will see how the jewelry collection of Cintr harmonizes the organic with the inanimate. Brass, concrete, quartz and charcoal are just a hint of what will make you want to flaunt one of these fabulous pieces.

You can find more here: facebook.com/Cintrjewelry

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Heather Swenson

Heather's wide body of work sure makes an impression. Whether it's prints, collages, or little fabric pouches, you'll find yourself drawn into her their world. The gorgeous color palette, composition, and detail present in her work will make you swoon.

 See more of her work here: heatherswenson.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Studio Lee-Davis

A true Roycroft Artisan, Steven Lee Davis creates wood engravings that invite you into another world. Meticulously hand carved, and printed in the richest black, these photos simply can't capture the amazing texture, detail and quality that these prints have. Seeing them in person is a must, so make sure you stop by his table! 
Find more here: studioleedavis.com


A lovely frame to hold a treasured photo or a beautiful pill box to make a daily ritual a little less mundane. The mixture of unique paper and attention to detail are just the first thing you will begin to love about Brooke's collection. A great gift, if you can bear to part with them!

See much more here: mmim.etsy.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Planetarium

We are continually blown away by the gorgeous textiles offered up by the lovely Esther Yaloz of Planetarium. Elegant botanical combined with metallic fabrics and a strong modern design. Perhaps the only thing sweeter than these pieces is Esther herself. Make sure you stop by, say hello and snag one of your favorites before they're gone!

Find more here: planetariumdesign.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Fly Rabbit Press

It's likely that you've seen the work of Fly Rabbit Press, even if you didn't know it. They've designed numerous posters for local bands, shows, and events. Their prints are just shy of traditional, yet steeped in old-timey fonts and graphics. Not to mention their quirky greeting cards. Fun is an understatement! A trip to the moon? Yes please.

See more here: flyrabbitpress.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Tanya Zani Photography

Tiny little windows into hidden, abandoned worlds. Tanya Zani's photographs show us the beauty of haunted and forgotten places. We're thrilled to welcome her to Second Storie this year.

See her entire gallery here: tanyazani.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Metalsome Art

What could be better than finding great art? Being able to wear it! Make a statement by making one of these amazing, kickass brass buckles part of your wardrobe. Putting on a belt just got exciting! New to Second Storie we know they will bring a style all his own to this year's event!

Check out the entire collection here: brassbuckles.net

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: The Fuzzy Bunny

How do we love The Fuzzy Bunny? Let us count the ways. Handmade soaps & lip balms, hand-dyed & hand-spun yarn... we could go on and on about their soap alone. Seriously though, I'm not sure how we would cope if we didn't get our yearly chance to stock up. It's THAT good. Treat yourself or someone on your list!

Check out their shop: the-fuzzybunny.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Dulcie Miller Clayworks

Dulcie has been a vendor at Second Storie every year since our very first market in 2007. Her functional pottery, with it's whimsical flowers and woodland creatures, is a favorite of shoppers and has become a hallmark of our shows. We all have more than one of her pieces! Be sure to stop by her table to see all of her newest work.

See more here: dulciemiller.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Katie Vaz Design

New to Second Storie this year are the wonderful hand lettered and illustrated paper goods created by the uber talented Katie Vaz. Getting one of these beauties in the mail would make anyone's day! Or simply get one for your wall. Super fun, colorful and sweet!

See her shop here: katievaz.etsy.com


We're so happy to welcome a furniture maker to Second Storie Market this year! And what cool furniture it is. To use their words: "We take old things and make new things out of them." Earth friendly, functional, and fun. Who doesn't love that?

See more here: echomakes.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: The Violet Line

We're always happy to have Colette of The Violet Line join us. She has a true knack for combining colors and patterns with her fun scarves, headbands and bracelets. New this year are pendants with the sweetest little snippets of fabric. They are like tiny, wearable quilts! Brighten up that gray winter wardrobe!

Visit her shop: thevioletline.etsy.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Lost Girl Metalworks

What can we say about Robbie of Lost Girl? Aside from the fact that she is the most fun and enthusiastic seller, she's an enormous talent in the world of jewelry. Her designs are the definition of bold.Want to make a statement? Lost Girl is the place to start.

Learn more here: lostgirlmetalworks.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Hannah Graeper

We're so pleased to welcome Hannah to our show this year! The moment we saw her earthy, vibrant pottery, we knew she was a perfect fit. The detail and patterns of her pieces look like vintage textiles from a far away place. You may buy one of her pieces as a gift, but we'll bet it will be hard to part with!

See her gallery here: hannahgraeperpottery.com 

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Well Press Paper

This creative dream team meticulously hand stitches and hand binds their colorful, geometric journals and notepads. It's not hard to see why they were a 2014 craft finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. Writing in these handmade gems seems so wrong but feels so wonderful! 

See more here: wellpress.etsy.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Interstellar Love Craft

As well as being one our favorite vendors, Marissa of Interstellar Love Craft has become a staple of all the best Rochester craft shows. Sleek, sharp, and with hint of the mystical, her jewelry will simply pull you in. You may even forget about your list and wind up with something for yourself! We won't tell...

See her full gallery here: interstellarlovecraft.com


We are super excited to welcome HUS Designs to Second Storie for the first time this year. Combining textiles and great design is no easy feat but Rachel does just that with her gorgeous, modern tea towels, napkins and aprons. You'll want to throw a dinner party just to show them off! She makes notecards, too; how cool is that?!

See more here: husdesigns.etsy.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Happy Owl Glassworks

We're simply thrilled to welcome Happy Owl to our event once again. They sure were missed last year! They always light up the room with their vibrantly colored nightlights, pendants and ornaments. We're so excited to see what new items they have this year!

See more here: happyowlglass.com


You may remember Amy from last year's show, where she almost sold out of her gorgeous, locally-sourced handmade wooden bowls, boxes, and cutting boards. Her clean, elegant lines and raw edges speak for themselves, creating gifts that are not only functional, but so beautiful to look at. 

See more of her work here: amygrigg.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Katie Carey

It's likely that you already familiar with Katie from her ever-popular F#%k mugs and her ethereal air plant hangers. She's got some absolutely beautiful new work as well this year, so make it a point to check it out. 

Don't worry, she'll have her F#%k mugs also!

Check out more here: cargocollective.com/KatieCareyCeramics

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Sewindie

What will you find at Sewindie's table? Oh, just some wonderfully hand-lettered prints, recipe cards, and notebooks. Not to mention the absolutely gorgeous vegan magazine Chickpea. Nothing but great gifts here!

Check out her shop: sewindieshop

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Erica Bello

We can't say enough about Erica Bello's work. Dark, moody, and architectural, she brings her own unique voice to the world of handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is a small treasure. Truly amazing.

Se her gallery here: ericabellojewelry.com 

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Black Rabbit Studio

We're thrilled to welcome Black Rabbit Studio to the market this year. Meticulous hand lettered signs and more with so many fun colors and phrases you'll be sure to find one for everyone on your list!

Find more here: BlackrabbitstudioNY

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Messenger Birds

Handwritten sentiments shouldn't be a thing of the past. Send a special letter or dress up a simple note with these sweet little messenger birds. Beautifully hand crafted and complete with a little piece of paper they make a truly unique gift. We are completely smitten already.

Find more here: MessengerBirds.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Breakher Designs

Part vintage, part modern, and all fun. That's what you'll find at Breakher Designs' booth. With prints, brooches, and other fun baubles you'll be certain to walk away with something delightful in hand!

This sneak peek is all you'll get for now! To see the entire collection you'll simply have to stop in to Second Storie. (We knew you were going to anyway...)

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Sara Silvio

Classic yet current, Sara Silvio's jewelry is always right on trend. A hint of something ancient and untold is what makes her pieces a perennial favorite at the market.

See more here: sarasilvio.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Lisa Barker

Lisa Barker's love for exploring comes through in her gorgeous photographs. She finds the quiet, sometimes forgotten places and captures the beauty of the Western New York countryside. Make sure you stop by her booth to chat, because she's also just about the sweetest soul you'll meet.

See her work here: LisaBarkerPhotography.com

VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Lauren Blair

It's Vendor Spotlight time! We're so excited to share all of the amazing artists who are joining us this year.


Kicking things off this year is an artist we've all known for years,and we're so excited that she will be joining us this year! Lauren's illustrations of the natural world are such a sight to behold. Fresh, contemporary, and innovative, yet with a tiny whisper of traditional botanical designs. See them for yourself and fall in love.

See her work here: Lauren-Blair.com