great news!

we have some exciting news! after a little scrambling when our original venue a|v had to close, we couldn't be more pleased to announce our new home! second storie} indie market will be held at the visual studies workshop! a wonderful space, with nearly four times the room!

because we have a little room to spread out, we'll be contacting selected vendors after the first of the month regarding larger tables.

also, because we received so many inquiries about whether the indie market was still a go after a|v fell through, we're going to extend the application deadline through the end of the month. that means you still have a chance for a space if you've put it off due to all the confusion! applications will be accepted through July 30. all selected vendors will still be contacted August 1st, with welcome kits going out the first week of the month.

if you have any questions, please write us!

also, we will be at the south wedge farmer's market thursday, September 6th for a little promo time. stop by and say hello! we'll also have info on our upcoming holiday bazaar there for you! thanks to the sw market for the invitation!

we're so thrilled with all of the exciting applications we've received. we're going to have a great first event!