it's almost here!

remind everyone you know to shop handmade for the holidays!

and don't forget - there will be live music saturday afternoon by baby shiver's boutique, hot coffee and cider from boulder coffee, a cool craftivism project on sunday and many many awesome vendors!

saturday, november 29 11-6 with live music from 4-6
sunday november 30 11-4 with craftivism from 12-3

visual studies workshop auditorium
31 prince street
rochester, ny
{at the corner of prince and university}

we'll see you there!

the buzz around town!

we've been getting some pretty awesome press lately and we though we'd share some of it with you. over the weekend, shanna and i were guests on the 1040AM radio program discover the fingerlakes. it was broadcast from the rorbach brewing company on railroad street near the public market on saturday morning. we had a great time talking with michael about second storie. you can find a podcast of that interview here.

if you happened to pick up the rochester business journal recently, you might have noticed a small but wonderful piece about our little market. without ever speaking with us, sally parker seemed to truly understand the heart of what we do here at second storie.

and make sure you pick up today's edition of the city paper! you shouldn't have much trouble finding us...

indie talk

we're talking with our sponsors! we thought you might want to get to know the people and businesses that have helped us make the second storie indie market happen. we recently spoke with vicki and chris hartman of the south wedge farmer's market. their ideas for a weekly market devoted to sustainable farming has become a model for others here in rochester. we here at second storie were honored to spend the summer with them at the market curating the art + craft tent. we witnessed a thriving community come together each week to support local farmers and their neighboorhood.

How long has the market been in business?
This is the second year for the SWFM. 

Tell our readers a little about the south wedge farmer's market
The SWFM is a neighborhood based outdoor local, producer only farmers’ market that focuses on sustainably produced fruits, vegetables, and other foods.

What made you decide to be a sponsor of second storie?
The second storie indie market is near to our hearts, as we see it as the craft parallel to the SWFM. We work to bring high quality, locally grown foods to Rochester not only because it is the healthiest food you can get, but also because it is the best way to spend your food money. Keep it right here in our city! At second storie, people can find high quality, beautifully crafted goods sold by the hands that made them and know that their money goes i
nto supporting that person’s endeavors to be an artist. The goods are unique and well made, in much the same way the food at our market is from healthy soil and fresher than you would find in a supermarket. Both venues give consumers a choice they don’t get in the big stores, a choice to find product that comes from the heart, not from the factory. There is an inherent environmental statement here, too. At second storie, shoppers will find small-scale production that is much more appropriate to our changing world and friendlier to our resources.

do you think that the handmade/diy movement relates to what you at the market?

For reasons stated above, yes! I think as more people get tired of thoughtless design and meaningless environments, they seek out alternatives, like making for themselves and becoming more self sufficient in many ways. Naturally, this will follow through to the food they eat, and will lead them to places like the SWFM for something with more integrity.

south wedge farmer's market
located at the corner of south clinton and alexander streets
ever thursday from 4-8
may 8 - november 20

friday favorites!

Time for Friday favorites, a weekly post in which we showcase a favorite etsy seller.

I absolutely adore mummysam's stuffed dolls and felt drawings! Samantha Cotterill creates such whimsical, distinct pieces. It's easy to see how much care she devotes to each handmade piece. just look at her tiny hand-embroidered plush village!

I particularly enjoy the playful expressions on her figures, like the angel above. I'm a sucker for detail and her use of sewn linework is fantastic. I hope you'll check out Samatha's blog where you can find more information about her lovely work.


indie talk

we're talking with our sponsors! we thought you might want to get to know the people and businesses that have helped us make the second storie indie market happen. we recently spoke with mike from thread. if you don't already know, thread is the coolest clothing store in rochester, hands down. located in the thriving and hip southwedge neighborhood, they have made a name for themselves in a very short time.

how long has thread been in business?
Since March 16, 2007

tell us a little about thread.
Thread is a clothing and gift boutique inspired and driven by art and fashion. Sandy and I try to find independent companies that are creating innovative work. We like to feature local vendors when we can, and are always trying to find handmade goods.

what made you want to open up a shop like this?
We started thread because we had a passion to have all creative control over our own business. We worked together in a boutique during college and loved the experience; I guess we just wanted something like that for our own.

you have been a sponsor of ours since our very first show! what made you decide to sponsor second storie indie market?
We feel that supporting local vendors is something that sets us apart fr
om big box and mall retailers. Since we own the store and work in it on a daily basis we can say "hey- we like what you are doing and want to carry your product in our store". It allows us to not only be profitable but allows us to put that profit back into our community. We own this business, we live in this city- it matters to us! second storie is the same idea- facilitating interaction between artists and the general public, so to us it is a good investment.

how you think that the handmade/diy movement relates to your business?
It's important to support product that is handmade and made in the USA. The rise of the DIY movement has made it much easier for us to be able to find hand made items and buy from the artist directly. Via blogs, talking to local artists and online sites like etsy, we have been able to find amazing jewelry, greeting cards, shirts, scarves, etc... that are mad
e by the hand of the artist themselves. This process is much more beneficial for a community than supporting the "race to bottom" ideas that stores like Walmart are based on.

654 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620
phone: 585.232.7110

we'll be talking with some of our other sponsors in the days ahead, so keep checkin' in!

it has arrived...

the snow, that is. and it falls perfectly in step with the beginning of the holiday craft season.

hello handmade just filled their shop with beautiful holiday gift tags and packages.

plus, the poppytalk handmade shop is positively bursting with holiday awesomeness! in it you'll find some friends of second storie, both old and new.

as our event gets closer, we're getting so excited to meet our new crafty friends. we know you are too!

we have much to do to make this event spectacular, so we'll be back in a couple of days. see you then!


friday favorites

Time for Friday favorites, friends! A weekly post in which we showcase a favorite Etsy seller.

I am so happy to share with you today one of my top 5 favorite shops on Etsy: tinctory. I can remember the exact moment I first saw Eva's work. I gasped for breath, feeling there just couldn't be anything more perfect.

Each piece pairs hand dyed silk and the classic tradition of smocking for a result that is at once contemporary, and a glorious tribute to the past. Eva also applies her unique take on smocking to rings and earrings.

Eva's shop has been open for a little more than a year, and after a year of saving pennies I can happily say that one of my very own will be, very shortly, on it's way from the UK!

If you're having a slow morning, perhaps with a warm cup of tea in hand, you might want to know that Eva also has a really lovely flickr stream I've gotten lost in more than once...

Happy weekend, friends!

here it is!

you can find this on our website tomorrow to download!


we're off to make our posters today. this means that you'll start seeing these beauties all over our fair city! they are promising to be quite lovely. i'll be posting one here tomorrow for a sneak peek!

also by tomorrow, on our website you will be able to find a pdf of our poster to download so you can print a few and post them in your neck of the woods! and while you're there, be sure to check out our vendors page! you can also now find all of our vendors listed by name on our sidebar right here. start clicking, and soon you'll be swept away by everyone's fantastic work!

one final note about our posters: if you'd like to help us distribute the limited edition color posters, please contact us! we'd love the extra set of hands!


fellow indie rockers

our little craft market, while new to this area, is one of a number of indie markets cropping up all over the country. most were born in the same fashion as second storie. from crafters just like you and i who simply want a place to sell our wares that reflects our aesthetic and our values.

we thought we'd take a moment to admire some other indie craft shows out there. here are a handful of kindred spirits that we have found. you may even find some familiar faces!

city of craft
handmade cavalcade
tight knit
art star craft bazaar

go on, spread the indie love.


there's still a little time!!!

there are still a few more days to join in freshly blended and cake&pie's 3rd annual ornament swap! how cool is this?!?! here all the details...
happy swapping!

friday favorites

it's time for friday favorites! a weekly post in which we showcase a favorite etsy pick. what a great way to end the week and get the daydreaming started for the weekend!

i am in love with michele maul's paintings.
this one in particular i find haunting and eerie, but strangely beautiful.

i love her use of collage overlaid with heavy, dark lines. so much of what i try to do in my work is wonderfully achieved here. a sense of place, a feeling of solitude and a hint at something not quite realized or understood.

many of her other beautiful paintings are quite whimsical and full of color, but it the ones like these that keep me longingly gazing in her shop.

worth the drive

one of our favorite artists in the region (or anywhere), collette watts quaglia has a show in geneva that you need to see.

why? because her work is, in a word, fantastic.

the opening is this friday, november 7th.

geneva might be a little off the beaten path, but we know it will be worth it. now, go on!

changes abound...

we're all feeling it. for the country, a new president. for us here at second storie a new show full of artists we admire.

and for shanna murray a new venture that has been successful beyond expectation. her collaboration with betsy dunlap is called hello handmade. betsy's elegant and whimsical calligraphy married with shanna's beautiful illustrations couldn't be a more perfect match.

and we couldn't be happier for them! congratulations to shanna and betsy.


p.s. you'll be able to get your own hello handmade items at our upcoming indie market!

second storie} indie market 2008

the time has come, friends...
we have been absolutely bursting at the seams to announce our vendor list! we're welcoming back some of our favorite vendors who've been with us from the very beginning, and we are saying hello to some fantastic new friends that will surely feel right at home!
here's a little preview...

is this a great way to start the week or what?
we'll have everyone listed on our sidebar in no time, so stay tuned!

don't forget...

just a quick peek-a-boo post to remind everyone that we're announcing the vendors to the latest second storie indie market on monday!

see you then!