thank you

As it happens every year, our event passes us by in a blur, with a flurry of "I love your work!" and "we need to catch up!" and "I wish we had more time!" in everyone's ears. And before we know it, the decorations are down and our time is now consumed by all the projects that have been waiting in the wings. It always feels as though we've missed our chance to say a heartfelt thank you. I hope a week isn't too late to say it. Truth is, you have all been on our minds and in our hearts since last weekend.
We simply cannot say enough about the artistry of our vendors, or the devotion of our shoppers. Each year you tell us how much you're looking forward to our event, and how happy it makes you.

Those words don't go unnoticed.

We hear you. And we thank you.

Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.