Plants as art

Plants can be used as art. Why not, right? Forget the planter sitting idly on your desk or bookshelf. These ideas make plants the feature in your room. All it takes is a little imagination and, in some cases, a little work. A wall of succulents? A long creeper of vine trailing across the room? Yes, please.

from top:
Pterosaur Whisperer (via Lovely Clusters)
Ye Rin Mok (via Mint)
Manos (via all the mountains)
Skona Hem (via
Apartment Therapy)

Patterned Mondays

Stripes. Some created. Some found. Some unexpected. Mostly red. Always fun.

from top: Teresa Q, fort and field, Rainer, Jordan_K, bethechange21, Maciej Dakowicz

Friday Favorites

I love these She Dolls from Stiksel. Inspired by the graphic ladies pictogram, these little dolls embody the idea of simplicity. With their basic shape and austere decoration, they remind me of corn husk dolls. Leaving all the details up to one's imagination. You can see that there is a deliberate placement of the fabrics, though and that gives them a sophistication that I love. And they are made of recycled fabric remnants. Even better.

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!

A little bit of ocean

With the summer weather in full swing, the ocean has been on my mind. A lot. Though I'd share some images that capture that perfect, light, and wispy ocean blue. It is summer in every possible way. Refreshing, isn't it?

from top: Jackie Rueda, ArtByChrysti, Moa Maria, Creature Comforts, isphotography

Enjoy your Wednesday, folks.

Patterned Mondays

In honor the first day of summer (!) we're devoting this Patterned Monday post to that most summery of fabrics: gingham. Enjoy!

from top: bunbunlife, tiffanyinthetrees, RubyRedo6, ohsoretro, clevercupcakes, theworkroom, madelinetosh

Friday Favorites

I just love these handwoven tea towels from milkaLOOM. They invoke so many lovely thoughts: towels drying on a clothesline, my grandmother's sunlit kitchen, perhaps with fresh bread or cookies in the oven. The colors are so brilliant and the white so crisp.

I want to open my pantry door to find a whole stack of these waiting for me. They could actually make drying dishes fun.

A little warmth for your Wednesday

orange just makes you feel good, am I right? Thought you could all use the pick-me-up on this mid-week day.

Sources from top: abbytryagain, DrikaB, Etsy, Lariata's Handmade, NstarStudio

Second Storie Indie Market 2010 Call For Entries!

Yes boys and girls, it is that time again! We're accepting applications for our 2010 Indie Market. We are still riding high from the fun and excitement of last year's show, with it's garland-streamed room, amazing artists and enthusiastic shoppers. It'll be tough to beat. But if there's one thing we know it's this: you guys are up to the task! We are leaving the door on our mailbox wide open for you, and we want to be impressed. So, give us what you got!

Don't worry, you have plenty of time. The deadline to apply is August 2nd. You can download the application here.

Our 5th annual event (I know. We can't believe it either!) will be held Thanksgiving Weekend, November 27th & 28th, in what we have come to think of as our home, the Visual Studies Workshop Auditorium.

Not a crafty gal or gent, but want to be involved? Our street team is always looking for new members to help spread the word before the event, as well as help throughout the event in November. If you or someone you know might be interested, give us shout:, we'd love to hear from you!

JoAnn, Shanna, Karen, Cris, and Rachael

beautiful photo by chickydanger

Friday Favorites

This week's featured shop may already be familiar to you. The Wheatfield's fun, colorful prints are hard to miss. I'm finding myself totally captivated by floral motifs lately and nobody does it better than Katie Daisy. Just look at that ampersand. And the quotes she uses inspire us to enjoy the little things. To take it slow. To get outside.

Hmmm. I think I will....

Very big news to come! Stay tuned next week, my friends!



We will be announcing very fun things in the days and weeks to come as we get ready for our next event. First on that list is our new look! Pulling our idea from the fun, friendship and warmth of our events, we really feel it is totally us.

It feels cozier in here now, don't you think? We want you guys to be at home in this space, with friends bustling in and out, thoughts shared, and creativity ignited.

Besides, a little change is always good, right?
Yeah.We think so, too.

Stay tuned for more good news to come...

Patterned Mondays

When it comes to filling each and every bit of space with a delicious pattern, Jill Bliss is a master.

Check out her custom home portraits, too. They're lovely.

Friday Favorites

I can hardly describe just how much I love this idea. Sophie Blackwell peruses the Missed Connections, finds the most interesting, sweet, and curious ones, and then she illustrates them. If you can take your eyes off her amazing watercolors, you will find yourself completely captivated by the heartfelt messages they contain.

Her Etsy shop is full of prints from her Missed Connections project, but if you really want to get lost, check out her blog devoted to it. Each week she publishes a new painting and includes the entire message. Personally, I am smitten.

Just go ahead and try not to lose your morning to these. I dare you.