Patterned Monday

Well, today's Patterned Monday isn't so much a pattern as it is a farewell to summer. As we see August fade into September and the world is awash with back-to-school fever, we tend to forget that it's still summer. The sun is still warm and the days are still long. Before our Monday posts are filled with tweed, argyle & cable knits (can't wait!) I though we should say goodbye to August with that most celebrated late-summer bloomer. The daisy.

Happy Monday, friends. And happy end-of-summer.

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Stormin' Arizona

Friday Favorite

Even though I haven't gone "back to school" in years, and haven't owned a pencil case since I was 8 (it had Strawberry Shortcake on it!) I can't help but feel as though I need one of these. It must be the turning of the weather and the excitement for the arrival of autumn that makes me hark back to my younger years and say: you really do need something to store your pencils and erasers in!

These pencil cases from seaoats are a beautiful combination of bold, screen-printed graphics, richly colored recycled fabrics, and some sweet quilted top-stitching. The images of birds, blowing sea grass, and sailboats almost seem to be a goodbye to summer. I like that.

Now, I just need to find some pencils to put in there.... Or maybe I could just use one as a small purse.

When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd....

... so starts that amazing Walt Whitman poem.
Today, the most lovely of secondary colors, violet. A little red, a little blue, a little hazy.

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Jessica Joy Photography
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Patterned Monday

Plaid is back in a big way. Just in time for back-to-school.

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Chris Ferebee

Friday Favorite

Bold pattern. Gorgeous color. Vintage-y graphics. Inalux's shop is filled to the brim with all of these things. These giclee prints are enough to brighten any room and any one's spirits. And as easily as they would fit into a mod-style kitchen, I think they'd be just as at home in a vintage-inspired nursery.

Happy Friday, all.


So what if all of these look kinda fall-like? We are loving the bright pop of red this Wednesday morning and hope you enjoy it as well.

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Patterned Monday

This week is all about found patterns. Each one different, but sharing the same theme: that the keen photographer stumbled upon it and captured it.

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Friday Favorites

This week's feature is a long-time favorite of mine. Forestbound's shop is never what you'd call full, but it always has a few amazing offerings tucked inside. Many of the incredible totes, bags and pouches are made from re-purposed WWI and WWII era tents and and laundry bags and so have an army-surplus feel. But because of the craftsmanship, they are so much more refined. How fantastic it must feel to carry a bit of history with you as you head to the market or a picnic with your tote.


Here they are! Our 2010 vendors! We were, like always, humbled by the talent of all of our applicants. The group of artists and crafters we have joining us this year will have some familiar faces, and some brand new. All will bring a wealth of awesome to Rochester come Thanksgiving. We thought we were excited before, but now we really can't wait!

clicking on the images will take you to their maker.