to all a good night...

we're feeling sorta sheepish as we have left this space a little untended. the holidays have us all hustling and bustling in different directions.

with that in mind, we're saying goodbye for a little while. not to worry, though. we'll be back in the new year with lots to share with you!

we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


friday favorites

this beautifully tailored messenger bag from pravina studio caught my eye not too long ago, and i'm slowly but surely becoming obsessed. i love the clean line of the lone pleat, especially when juxtaposed against what looks to be velvety-soft canvas.
it would beautifully hold a book, my knitting supplies, and a light lunch (along with the rest of my miscellaneous purse items) while still retaining its clean, simple structure.
...would if it were mine.

this past weekend...

all of us here at second storie spent the weekend amidst a variety of projects. hosting holiday parties, decorating our homes for christmas and packing our bags for a long trip home.

and some of us went to the Bust Holiday Craftacular in NYC! rachael hetzel brought her beautiful pistachio press stationary to sell at one of this year's premier holiday craft shows. along with her (and many more vendors) were second storie friends tara hogan and amber mahler. we are anxiously awaiting word on how the weekend went. if nothing else we're sure it was fun!

we'll be sure to keep you posted!

friday favorites

it's friday and that means we're showing you one of our favorite things!

my pick this week comes from reya veltman who has one of my favorite shops on etsy. every time i find myself there it's as though i'm being wrapped in a warm blanket. so warm and cozy. and it's always filled with the most gorgeous photos.
i just love these little snowy acorns. they combine the cool, bright white of snow, with the warm, soft tactility of wool. can't you just see your christmas tree adorned with bunches of them? or just a single pair hanging sweetly against your front door? a perfect welcome to winter.

happy weekend,

more photos

the folks from came to our indie market (or bonanza as they like to call it?) and took a bunch of photos of vendors and shoppers alike. here are a few....

all photos: kate melton. courtesy of

to see the rest, go here.
just a quick post today! we're still trying to get our lives back to normal after this last event. somehow we seen even busier, though! we've got some very cool plans for this little space, and we'll get to them soon. for now, though, we're taking it slow...

friday favorites

where we show you one of our favorite things!

It has been a cold, snowy week here in Rochester and how I long for the days of it being light out at five in the evening and the birds chirping outside my window in the morning.
Maybe that is what made me stop and take in the beauty of Hadley Hutton's work in her etsy shop. "November Bird" is just one of the wonderful things you will find. This lovely piece is a print of Hadley's monoprint painting done with monoprinting ink, gouache, watercolor pencil, acrylic and ink. I might just have to get one of these treasures to hang on my wall and remind me that light, warmth and chirping birds will soon come again!

Until then stay warm my friends and treat yourself or someone
who needs a little ray of sunshine to one of these paintings!



we are so proud to tell you that this last weekend exceeded even our own expectations! we welcomed over 500 shoppers to our tables and they were treated to a truly impressive group of artists and crafters. we are bursting with happiness and holiday spirit as the weekend was full of conversation and good cheer. new friends were made and good friends were reunited.

thank you to our fantastically talented vendors. we watched you stream in one by one with your vintage suitcases and crates. we then watched as your blank white tables transformed into beautiful and distinct little shops. we are humbled, awed and inspired by all of you. it is your talent and generosity that make our events amazing!

a delicious gourmet brunch was donated by a food goddess to whom we are so grateful! we, our vendors and even our shoppers ate well all day on sunday. and without boulder coffee's generous donation of hot cider and coffee, we surely would have had less bounce in our step!

our dear friend nicole of freshly blended took some of these fabulous photos. most of us were too busy to take more than a couple, so thank you nicole for documenting our weekend so lovingly! you can find many, many more here.

as with every show, we each devote all of our extra time and energy to making it as great as it can be. and each time we are rewarded by the gracious and selfless help of our friends. a big hug and a heartfelt thanks to jake, lindsay and mike for your tireless efforts to make our events shine. you provide constant support and much needed comic relief. we love you guys.

jenna of small bird said the most lovely words about the experience and put it better than i ever could. thanks jenna!

we'll be back on friday with our regular favorites post. we'll see you then!

soon, i promise!

with so many things to do and photos to sift through, i simply ran out of time this morning! i promise to be back here very soon with lots to say about our latest event.

in the meantime, we hope you all continue to shop local and handmade for the holidays!


happy monday

well, it's come and gone! our 3rd event was a weekend full of amazing artists + crafters, food and fun. we have much to be thankful for and many we are thankful to. to say we are overwhelmed would be an understatement!

a heartfelt thanks to our vendors, sponsors and all the volunteers who made this the finest second storie event yet!

much more to come tomorrow - including photos!