Warmest Wishes

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We hope you're all having a warm and happy holiday season!
We'll be back after the New Year begins; until then we're wishing you the Happiest of Holidays!

Second Storie

Friday Favorites

This and the many other gorgeous Japanese temari thread balls in Julie and Co.'s etsy shop are absolutely stunning! I can't help but imagine a large bowl full of them on my coffee table. Such intricate patterning and colorwork! I'm smitten with thoughts of a whole bowl full of them, resting on my coffee table.

Friday Favorites

We're so happy to be back here with our regular Friday Favorites post! It's been so long....

Perhaps it's because of all the snow, but I finally feel like it is time to decorate my house for the holiday. And these beautiful burlap garlands from Funkyshique are perfect. I just love their rustic simplicity and the feeling that they are bringing a little of the outdoors inside. For me, that is the charm of decorating this time of year. They could even stay up throughout the season as winter decorations. Add a few pine boughs on the mantle and that's that. Perfection.

The shop is full of gorgeous burlap items like stockings, gift bags and tags. Happy decorating!

Over the moon.

With all of our festivities over, we finally have a chance to share some thoughts and photos with you. Truth be told, it is hard to put into words how we are feeling about this year's show. 'Over the moon' might come the closest. We know how much time we put into preparing, how many signs and posters we put up, how many mentions we got in the local papers. But somehow, even knowing all of that, the number of people that came out to see us left us almost speechless. And it wasn't just the number of people, it was the enthusiasm and eagerness they came in with. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there. Thank you, Rochester, for welcoming all of our vendors with open arms.

Our vendors. How can we put it into words? To put it simply: we are smitten. Lizz said it best here, when she said that this year's show felt like a family reunion. That is the feeling that we have always wanted for our show and for the first time, we really feel as though we've achieved it. Seeing all of your smiling faces on Saturday morning was truly rejuvenating, at a time when we needed it most.

We took our time getting a post about the event up here, but our vendors wasted no time. Last week was quite simply a joy-fest for us as we read about everyone's experiences. Abby's photos are better than any of ours could ever be and her words are even sweeter. You can find some more warm and fuzzy posts about the weekend here and here. And it isn't all from our vendors, either. Some folks went home after simply attending the event and had wonderful things to say.

We are blushing to our very core.

Our sincerest and heartfelt thanks have to go to Boulder Coffee: for continuing to help make our events truly warm. Our Street Team: for helping us paper the town and go beyond our reach. All of our behind the scenes helping hands: you know who you are. Thank you. Did we forget to mention anyone? Rest assured: you are in our hearts.

Truly, from the bottom of our collective heart: Thank you.
JoAnn, Karen, Shanna, Cris, and Rachael

p.s. Have some stories to tell or photos to show? Please, share them with us. We'd love to hear from you.

Handmade Nation: Part Two

We aren't done with our festivities just yet. We have one more evening full of handmade art + craft and baked goods. Our second screening of Handmade Nation is this Friday December 4th. If you missed it last week, here is your chance to catch it before it leaves Rochester! We had a fantastic turnout last week, in part due to our panel discussion. It was a great way to kick off our Indie Market and a fun evening of questions and answers. This week, we will simply be presenting the movie. Don't worry though, we will still be serving yummy snacks!

Tickets to this awesome film are still only $5. What a deal! You can snag some at the door or here.

What: Handmade Nation
When: Friday, December 4th, 8pm
Where: Visual Studies Workshop, 31 Prince Street, Rochester NY
More: Facebook


Just.... wow.
What an amazing weekend.We are still a little giddy from the excitement and we are still unpacking our cars. Once we come back down to earth we'll share some photos and stories with everyone. Right now it's enough for us to simply say:

thank you. to everyone.


Artist Spotlight #9

We think we saved some of our best for last, so here you are!

jewelry by Foundling

original artwork by Colette Watts Quaglia

Ceramics by Kala Stein

magnets from Secret Pocket

Don't forget about Handmade Nation tonight! If you didn't get your ticket yet, don't fret, they'll be on sale at the door...

see you there!

Artist Spotlight #8

Hope everyone enjoyed a warm + cozy Thanksgiving!

Believe it or not, we still have lots of vendors to show you. Get your pencils and paper ready for some more wish lists!

Paintings by Carving My Initials

Letterpress stationary by French Press

artwork by Marlene Heuer

There are still four more to come so check back later!

Artist Spotlight #7

Can you believe we're still going? We have so many amazing vendors there's hardly room in this blog!

handwoven scarves by Pidge Pidge

fun sculptures and drawings from The Maple Ridge

knit and sewn goodies from Crude Crafts

ceramics by Carol Barclay

Still a bunch more to come in the next couple of days!

Artist Spotlight #6

We've got just a few more days, and a bunch more artists to share with you!

paper dolls by Rachel Baldanza

ceramics by Vicki Hartman

embroidered stationary by Rework Studios

posters and zines from Pete Lazarski

Artist Spotlight #5

Happy Monday afternoon, friends! Here's another peek at our long list of vendors...

jewelry by Small Bird

clothing by Photosynthesis

letterpress stationary from Pearl & Marmalade

knit wear and artwork by Nancy Topolski

art and craft in unexpexted placed} neko case

Two giant art loves in my life are Neko Case and Julie Morstad. To me, it's hauntingly and perfectly beautiful when they combine their magical powers. I could watch this video over and over again.

What a gorgeous surprise when excerpts from this video flashed on the screen at Neko's concert here in town on a recent Sunday night! Can't get it out of my head, but that's okay because I don't really want to!


p.s. check back later for another group of artists in the Spotlight!

Artist Spotlight #4

In lieu of Friday Favorites, we're continuing our series, Artist Spotlight in which we show you who is joining us at this year's Indie Market. Have we got you excited yet? Really? Well, take a look at today's Spotlight artists and then we'll talk...

embroidery & paintings by Lori Hutchinson

glass jewelry by Spot On

hand bound books by Concepcioun

photography by Abby Try Again

Stay tuned for more.... we won't rest until we've shared everyone with you!