october 2} sara dankert

under our tent this week will be the lovely sara dankert. sara works in a variety of media and this thursday she wil be sharing with you her array of bright, colorful prints and t-shirts. these images come from her series of monoprints.

i am personally a huge fan of her drawings and mixed media work. her sense of line, color and texture all perfectly balanced. she tells us a little about her process:

"i often work in mixed media on paper because this process allows me to work slowly through an idea and find new connections or ideas. drawing becomes meditation, analysis, and discovery."

i have yet to see her t-shirts, but if they are even half as gorgeous as these prints, then i am truly excited for them!


it takes a village

a hearty thank you to all of the kind design bloggers who mentioned the second storie} indie market this week! oh, what a week it's been! to say we're excited is an understatement. the great coverage we've received over the past several days has provided more than a few wow moments between us all. 

with two rewarding events since this time last september, one weekly event this past summer into fall, and a wealth of experience and friendships born out of it all we're hoping that this is a growth year for our little market! this sure was an excellent way to begin! 

we can't wait to see what lies in store as we spread our crafty wings. all of us at second storie know that we couldn't do it without all of you to spread the word beyond our reach!  thank you nicole of freshly blended, Ez of creature comforts, jan at poppytalk, abbey at aesthetic outburst, jen at indiefixx and erin of design for mankind for your kindness! truly, truly.


september 25th} small bird

this week we welcome back jenna of small bird. she had the unfortunate luck of joining us earlier in the season during a torrential downpour that forced her to pack up early. well, we're expecting great weather this week and we are delighted to have her with us again!

a little about small bird:
"I am inspired by nature, color, beauty found in simple objects and elements, and the juxtaposition of the elegant and the unrefined..."

i simply can't wait to see our booth at the market this week filled with smallbird's beautiful jewelry! jenna's choices in metals and semi precious stones are in perfect balance with her elegant, simple designs. handmade with impeccable craftsmanship, each piece truly is a work of art.

p.s. we'll still be there making and selling stuffed carrots - come join us!

hold on to your hats...

and get ready for another second storie event! that's right, we're gonna kick-off the holiday craft season with an all out indie art + craft bonanza! we'll have more art, more craftivism and just a whole lot more fun!

mark your calendars now, friends:
saturday november 29th 11-6
sunday november 30th 11-4

visual studies workshop
31 prince street
rochester, ny 14607

we're just getting your blood pumping right now, but don't worry: we'll be popping in here with more details and excitement as it happens!

right now, we're calling all artists + crafters: application deadline is monday october 27th. you can find our application here. space is limited, so get crackin'! to those artists we have yet to meet: we're totally excited to see your work! and to those we already call friends: we can't wait to see what all of you have been up to!

in the meantime, we're gonna kick back, relax, and wait for you guys to knock our socks off!

lucky us...

...that we are in such awesome company as rachael hetzel! she is the owner of pistachio press and makes the most beautiful letterpress cards and invitations. and we aren't the only ones who know it - this sweet little i love you card is featured in this month's lucky magazine! swooning yet? well, you can get one for yourself (or the one you love...) right here.

you can read a little more of rachael's thoughts on it in her blog.

congratulations, rachael!


3191 cheers!

a little stray from our typical posts to say hooray! for my dear blogging friends maria and stephanie, who will be on the Martha Stewart show this morning as part of the blogging episode. their book, A Year Of Mornings 3191 miles apart, comes out today!!! quite an accomplishment, and quite a good bit of luck for those of us who have adored their daily posts! i can't wait for my copy to arrive on my doorstep today! you can get your copy here!

please do stop by and take a peak at all these talented, wonderful woman have to offer us. you can find maria's work here, and stephanie's here, and their collaborative blog, 3191, a year of evenings,  here.

cheers to you, friends! thanks for all the inspiration!


an abundance

many hands were busy at work in our tent this past thursday as we launched the carrot campaign at the south wedge farmer's market. what better way to have spent a beautiful late summer afternoon than with good company and a good cause.

these lovely photos are courtesy of pistachio press. more can be found here.

if you missed it don't worry, we'll be back again this week sewing and stuffing. and we still want your help!

no time to help? we know you'll want to buy one (or a bunch!) to adorn your front door this fall. stop in and get them before they're gone!


carrot campaign '08

this thursday, we are doing something a little different in the second storie tent. along with the south wedge farmer's market, we will be launching the great carrot campaign of '08! what is this, you ask? well, read on...

spending each week at the market, we see first hand that it is so much more than a place to buy vegetables. it provides a gathering place for people from all over the community. a place to hear music, see friends and get to know your neighbors. what better way to thank the south wedge market than to lend a hand with their latest fundraiser!

we're making carrots (see the sneak peek photo below), and they are going to be so sweet you'll wish you could eat them! our plush carrots will be constructed (with your help...:) out of salvaged cloth and yarn and available for sale with the profits going directly to the south wedge farmer's market. hang them on your front door to let everyone know you're a fan of the market. we want to see the whole neighborhood with adorned doors! we'll be making a ton, so we'll need help! stop by our tent and we'll get you to work - we'll have a bushel of carrots to be stuffed, yarn to tie and buttons to be attached.

so this thursday, clear your schedule for the afternoon, pull up a chair and help us say thank you to the south wedge farmer's market!

see you there!

she's at it again...

the lovely shanna murray, that is!

you can read her interview with stephanie at studio with a view. she offers us a window into her heart as she reflects on her experiences blogging. she reminds us that there is a world of encouragement and inspiration out there.

here's to finding it.

september 4} joAnn mcGranahan

"i just need to make these."

this need is something all artists strive for, and with effortless simplicity, joAnn has found it. her hand-sewn fabric collages are a wonderful pairing of her passion for embroidery and her finely-honed sense of design; each detail is purposeful and perfect.
the softness of the palette and delicacy of the details easily transition into her gorgeous fabric flowers and her reusable fabric gift satchels. each item is made with extraordinary care and decision.

her work evokes all the feelings of a summer not yet passed... you'll leave the second storie tent with a hint of fresh lemonade on your tongue and visions of linens hanging to dry in the sun. and if you're lucky, you'll have in hand one of her precious moths, keeping summer with you long into the cold.