Friday Favorites

This week's Favorite comes from a place very close to home. One of my dear, dear friends (and Second Storie co-founder) has a new project that has worked it's way into my heart. Shanna Murray's new line of illustrated wall + window decals are simply too sweet for words.

Like always, Shanna has taken an idea, made it hers and, consequently, made it perfect. Who can look at these garlands and tidings and not absolutely need one? My home suddenly doesn't seem complete. I simply love the idea that the frame is what stays put, and your sketch, photo, love note, or little-obsession-of-the-moment can be replaced on a whim. It can make the simple little everyday things something worth celebrating.

Isn't that what we should be doing every day? Celebrating the small, unexpected things? Reminding ourselves and each other that we are loved? Yes. I think so.

Catch up with Shanna this weekend at Thread where she'll be selling this new line. They're having a tea party to mark the occasion! learn more here and here.

Happy weekend, friends.

Mayday! Underground Crafts + Art

There's a new craft fair in Rochester making it's debut this weekend.

Mayday! Underground Crafts + Art Show is happening this Saturday, May 1st (get it? Mayday?) and features a wide array of Rochester artists, crafters and musicians. You'll see familiar faces as some of your favorite Second Storie artists will be in attendance. What's even better? You'll see some unfamiliar and new faces as well. We are so happy to see the indie craft community here in Rochester grow. Check out their list of vendors here.

Mayday! Underground Crafts + Art
416 St. Paul Street
Rochester, NY

We'll be there to welcome this new member to the creative community and we hope to see you there, too!


Crafting an MBA

Crafting an MBA is the newest and most exciting venture from one of our favorite people, Megan Auman.

If you don't know Megan, you likely have seen her incredible work: her cozy cuffs, her jewelry and her Etsy shop. She even keeps up with her personal blog, which you can read here.

Megan has given us all a true gift by sharing her fantastic business sense with us. Whether it's advice on pricing your work, reaching new customers, or creating a business model, she's got it covered. Book reviews, must-read lists, the newest software, article links. It's all there for you. She's even offering online workshops to help you move beyond your small Etsy shop and into the big leagues. The woman is smart and she means business.

You would would be crazy to not start following this blog. right. now.

Friday Favorites

Boy! It's hard to believe it's already Friday!

This fossil coral necklace by laurelsbench has me captivated. I just love the pattern of the natural stone. Surrounded by the bezel setting, it almost looks like a framed piece of vintage wallpaper. So pretty! Seems a perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather, doesn't it?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

6X6 reprised

Back by popular demand: Rochester Contemporary Art Center's 6x6 show and sale! Last year's exhibit was slated to be their last, but when asked if they should consider it for 2010, visitors answered with an overwhelming YES! Hooray for art!

RoCo's 6x6 show and fundraiser is by far their most popular exhibit. Anyone and everyone can submit art that is 6 inches by 6 inches. All art is displayed and anonymously and priced at $20, with the profits going to the gallery. You could be buying art from a successful Rochester artist, a child artist from Texas, or even Rochester's own Mayor! Submissions are welcomed (in fact encouraged) from every state and country.

Want to be part of this unique and fun show? Submissions are welcome until May 2nd.Find the details here. You can see our post about last year's show here.

Friday Favorites

With summer just around the corner, my head is all wrapped up in thoughts of summer. In skirts, and veggies fresh from the market, and walks in sandals, and fresh flowers on my window sill covered in sunshine...

And this adorable skirt from RoseRed's lovely etsy shop! It is so light and airy, and I love the vintage high-waist style.
It will soon be time!

Happy mail.

With so much of our communication taking place online these days, one can start to pine for the days of receiving handwritten letters and, even better packages. Crafty folks everywhere have begun little exchanges in hopes of sharing the joy and excitement of old-fashioned sent mail. I found this one today and thought I'd share it with you. The Love Vintage Package Exchange comes from Rice Babies. Originally inspired by the beautiful Lovely Package Exchange by oh, hello friend. The idea is this: you send a package filled with a vintage goody (or goodies) and you get one in return. How perfectly fun? Sign ups end this Friday April 16th, so hurry on over and spread the love.
lovely package photos from oh, hello friend.

Seems like the perfect way to honor the advent of the warm weather, no?

Friday Favorites

I simply adore this paper butterfly mobile by Royal Buffet. Made from the pages of vintage dictionaries it speaks the bibliophile's soul as well as the inner child. So light, and so simple. A little bit of early summer, perhaps?

There are so many beautiful paper creations in the shop, you should go check them out. Right now.

Have a happy weekend my handmade friends,


Hello, and happy mid-week to you! We just want to catch you up on a what a couple of our favorite artists have going on right now.

Jim Delucia (Carving My Initials) has a solo painting exhibit up at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center in Auburn, NY. It will be running through May 16, the same time as their Made In NY show. If you haven't had the chance to see his paintings in person, you need to go. Trust us.

Elizabeth Switzer (Crude Crafts) is participating in 2 shows right now. You can find an interview with her from the Ithaca Post about The Importance of Not Seeing Clearly, an exhibit at the CAP Artspace in Center Ithaca. Elizabeth is one of three artists in the multimedia show. You can also read a great article about it here. It runs until the end of April.

On top of that, she has a solo show titled Indiscreet Objects up at the Olean Public Library Gallery featuring her embroidery work. You can find out more here. The show runs through May 22.

Go check them out!

Cool Kicks.

Wow. Could there be any cooler pairing than a legendary shoe company and a couple of amazingly talented letterpress artists?

Keds Collective is a collaboration that takes the classic Keds shoes, a bunch of well-known and emerging artists and designers and combines them to make the coolest Keds you've ever seen. You'll find a lot of familiar names on the long list of collaborators, but we're rather partial to the line designed by our friends over at Pearl & Marmalade! We couldn't be happier for them and this amazing opportunity. We also couldn't be happier for ourselves, too since it means we can buy some seriously cool shoes! Foxes, zebras, and squirrels on my feet? Yes, please and thank you.

You can see Pearl & Marmalade's post about it here.

Friday Favorites

Yep! They're back! Your weekly peek into one of our little obsessions of the moment.

Mine right now are these darling little purses from Aylla. The soft, simple patterns and colors and slightly chunky adornments make these pencil case clutches irresistibly sweet. I recently bought one (top picture) and am just dying for a good opportunity to use it! Perfect for those occasions when a dressy purse is too much, but your everyday giant bag just won't cut it.

Enjoy this glorious spring weekend, friends!