Rare photo of us all together, courtesy of Lisa Barker

Another year, and another market come and gone. Always, there is so much work and effort in the weeks leading up to the show, all for it to be over in a flash. Usually, we have a moment or two in which we wonder "why do we do this to ourselves?" And every year, on the event day, we get our overwhelming answer: because of all of you.  Our incredible vendors, and our engaged and thoughtful shoppers. Rochester, you showed your true colors like always, and you never cease to amaze. We are truly grateful for all of you, and for this community we call home. There is no better way to kick off the holiday season than in a space filled with so much magic. Thank you.
So much of what we all love about Second Storie is a culmination of years of work and ideas from not just the three of us. Our co-founders, Shanna Murray and Karen Stocks may have moved on to other things, but they are always here in spirit! 

JoAnn, Rachael, and Cris