friday favorites

it's friday and that means we're showing you one of our favorite things on etsy.
this little offering from nightjar books has to be one of the best ideas i've seen in a long time

called the recession pack, it is a treasure trove of tiny goodies. complete with a tiny little price (only $12). can you believe you get a little hand-bound book?! the packaging is simple and sweet and i think this idea is super smart. why ignore the economic climate when you can embrace it and make it work for you...

totally smart and completely adorable.

monday morning coffee

this ingenious little design is the latest offering from one of our favorite artists, megan auman. a fashion statement and an environmentally friendly cup cozy. so stylish and thoughtful.

we're liking this...

just sharing a little something from one of your favorite second storie vendors...

this sweet little print from shartreuse comes just in time for valentine's day. be sure to get one soon before they run out!


enormous tiny art

"As art lovers and collectors ourselves, we want nothing more than to share our ardor for original art, making it possible for almost anyone and everyone to own original, irreplaceable works of art."

this is the mission statement of the nahcotta gallery's enormous tiny art show. it began in winter of 2007 and has become a staple ever since. twice each year their walls are filled with original works of art that are 1ox10 or smaller. by making original art accessible to more people, they are able to spread the love of art collecting to a broader audience. we applaud them. not only do they have great ideals, they have great artists as well.

our dear friend sarah ahearn (above) is participating this year and we couldn't be happier. we also wish we lived in portsmouth, NH so we could attend the opening reception this friday. we'll have to settle for the online gallery, i guess!