Friday Favorites

This week's Friday Favorites is inspired by yesterday's post. I love this photo of an abandoned New York City bike by Aptrick. It is both lovely and lonely. There is an entire series of these photos of forgotten bicycles throughout New York. You can check them out here.

Happy weekend, everyone. Perhaps a bike ride is in the plans?

biking meets crafting

I can really identify with the driving (okay, biking) force behind the latest endeavor of Nick Hand, British graphic designer/photographer/father of three/friend of artisans extraodinaire.
He has set out on this beautiful bike trip, collecting (and of course sharing) stories from the artisans he meets along the way.

Sound incredible? It gets even more so when you read where your sponsorship of his ride goes.
Follow his amazing trek here and here.
In the meantime, I will polish my pedals here in Rochester, NY and fantasize about the British coast.
(Thanks so much to Betsy Greer's post about this; I'd never have heard about it otherwise.)

First Place

I just came across Hayley Cormo's work via Heart Handmade (where you can read a charming Q&A with her). I popped over to see her shop and this is what I found. Screen printed vintage borders and oversized, handmade award ribbons? Yes please.

Oh and all the ribbons? They have names.

You can also find her gorgeous drawings in the shop and her website.

Commissioned: Pet Portraits

Darling pet portraits by Stephanie Augustine, out of Westchester County. I'd really love one of my dear Ollie some day...

I never thought I'd actually be someone who'd want a pet portrait, but boy do I. Puppy love will do strange things to a person...

Happy day to you!

Friday Favorites

This Floral Fete made-to-order dress from fcpcares has been on my mind since I first spotted it a couple of months ago. The perfectly-pleated bust, the rosette flowers trailing the hem, the cut and length flattering to so many figures... it is pure loveliness.
My next trip to Columbus, OH will surely include a stop at Substance, the lovely boutique inspiring this etsy shop... until then, I will fantasize about having the occasion for such a dress. (Or perhaps fantasize about creating the occasion for such a dress?...)

Happy shopping, and happy weekend!

Stitch Wars

Perhaps you have seen this on Bird and Bear already? It is so weird and so fun, I simply had to share it! All Star Wars and all hand-sewn. It doesn't get any more geek-cool than that. These works of crochet, knit, and embroidery will be on display until August 29. Just to give you an idea of how seriously they have taken the idea: the opening reception was in costume!

If you're not going to be in the Lauderhill Florida area to see it in person, you can check out the entire exhibit in their Flickr gallery.

Sappy Moose Tree, Vicki Wiltshire, Den Rodriguez

Handmade Nation Comes to Rochester!

We're thrilled to announce that this fall, together with Made by Rachel, we'll be presenting two screenings of the indie documentary Handmade Nation, Faythe Levine's exploration of the rise of the DIY art, craft and design movement!!

If you aren't familiar with this crazy great documentary that's been all the buzz in the online crafting community, you can see a sneak peek here (after you read the rest of this post, of course)!

The first showing will be on Friday, November 27th, to kick off our annual Indie Market. In addition to the movie screening, we will be holding an intimate panel discussion with some of our favorite artists and crafters from near and far, sharing with us their experience, stories and successes of making it in the world of making it!

The panel discussion begins at 7pm and the movie will begin at 8pm, with a short intermission for snacks just prior to the show time.

For those of you who will be out of town Thanksgiving weekend, our second showing will be on Saturday, December 5th at 8pm. There will be no panel discussion prior to the movie on this date but there might just be snacks!

Head over this way to purchase your ticket - only $5.00! Don't wait too long, as space is limited and sure to fill up quick! It's going to be all kinds of awesome.

We are super happy to be co-hosting this event with the wonderfully talented Rachel Chaffee of Made by Rachel, a first-rate Rochesterian - if I do say so myself! Check out her cuffs at Thread, in the South Wedge!

See you at the movie!!

Happy Monday Morning

I find these absolutely lovely...

all images: whimsiology

Such warm and friendly images to start this Monday, no?
Happy Day.

{and stop in tomorrow for some super exciting news that we can barely wait to share with you! And we know you'll be excited too!}

Friday Favorites

I am really taken with these photos from knitalatte. The detail in her crocheting is absolutely beautiful. I love the contrast of the delicate lace work surrounding the solid stones, and her balance between serious and whimsical is so endearing.
These images and the lace patterns invoke such fond memories: sneaking moments at my Grandmother's dresser, spending hours playing with spyrographs with my dad, collecting seashells on the Alabama beaches with my sister...
Lovely memories; lovely photographs.

Boston Handmade

Going to be in Massachusetts this coming weekend? Be sure to check out Boston Handmade Marketplace on Saturday from 3-7pm. An outdoor fair held in Union Square, it features Boston area artists + crafters doing their thing. You'll surely recognize some of the talented artists participating.

The ladies at Boston Handmade seem to work non-stop on one project or another. To read about all that they're up to or for updates on their show, you can check out their blog.

One & Other

I found a post about this on culturebot the other day and couldn't help but share.

all photos: Where The Art Is

one & other is british artist antony gormley's latest project in which 2400 volunteering participants occupy the space atop the fourth plinth in london's trafalger square for one hour each.

i know. it sounds a bit... unimpressive at first. but when it really sinks in, each hour for 100 days will feature a different member of our massive human race doing anything they want.
how many people will use this time as a literal platform for their politics?
will the creativity of the participants escalate as the project continues?
will we be able to draw any anthropological conclusions from this when it's over?
regardless of these questions, if the project's flickr photo gallery or live streaming video are any indication, this will be well worth keeping up with over the next 96 days.

Made By Anna

We found this lovely post on freshly blended this morning and couldn't resist sharing it with you! Made By Anna's shop is full of fun little collages made from the most basic of shapes. Perfect for a child's room, but we think they would be fun anywhere! The miniature bunting is just too much fun! And don't you just love how the last one looks like a ball of yarn?

Friday Favorites

It's Friday and we're back with our current Etsy favorite. We just had to do a themed version this week - we couldn't help ourselves! July 4th is the essence of summer and what better way to celebrate that than with sparklers? These photos by Ablaze take me back to childhood summers, running in the dark with a sparkler firmly in hand. Staying up later than usual, and flirting with trouble.

Happy Fourth of July, friends.

Keeping up...

...with one of our favorite Second Storie vendors. Foundling's table at our last event was a popular place to be! Filled with lovely jewelry made with bits of antique books and fabric, you had to act fast to get the one you wanted!

Well, over the last few months, Betsy has been working hard on some new designs that are worthy of some oohs and ahhs. We thought we'd share some woith you today.

marietta earrings $45

elsie necklace $30

Tiny, light and airy. Perfect for summer, don't you think?