Friday Favorites

This week's Favorite comes from a place very close to home. One of my dear, dear friends (and Second Storie co-founder) has a new project that has worked it's way into my heart. Shanna Murray's new line of illustrated wall + window decals are simply too sweet for words.

Like always, Shanna has taken an idea, made it hers and, consequently, made it perfect. Who can look at these garlands and tidings and not absolutely need one? My home suddenly doesn't seem complete. I simply love the idea that the frame is what stays put, and your sketch, photo, love note, or little-obsession-of-the-moment can be replaced on a whim. It can make the simple little everyday things something worth celebrating.

Isn't that what we should be doing every day? Celebrating the small, unexpected things? Reminding ourselves and each other that we are loved? Yes. I think so.

Catch up with Shanna this weekend at Thread where she'll be selling this new line. They're having a tea party to mark the occasion! learn more here and here.

Happy weekend, friends.

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