september 4} joAnn mcGranahan

"i just need to make these."

this need is something all artists strive for, and with effortless simplicity, joAnn has found it. her hand-sewn fabric collages are a wonderful pairing of her passion for embroidery and her finely-honed sense of design; each detail is purposeful and perfect.
the softness of the palette and delicacy of the details easily transition into her gorgeous fabric flowers and her reusable fabric gift satchels. each item is made with extraordinary care and decision.

her work evokes all the feelings of a summer not yet passed... you'll leave the second storie tent with a hint of fresh lemonade on your tongue and visions of linens hanging to dry in the sun. and if you're lucky, you'll have in hand one of her precious moths, keeping summer with you long into the cold.

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Anonymous said...

wishing you a wonderful market day, dear friend! can't believe i won't be able to be there this time too! don't forget to take pictures! and save me a moth!