2010 Vendor Spotlight: Red Prairie Press

Good morning, and happy Monday, friends! Today we are pleased-as-punch to introduce you to one of our newest friends, Rachel Bone of Red Prairie Press. They offer hand screen-printed clothing for ladies, gents and little ones.

Where are you and your studio located?
Red Prairie Press is located in a cozy row house in Baltimore, MD. The entire bottom floor of our house (read: basement) is my studio, and we have two offices upstairs. One for me and one for my husband, Phil.

How did you first get involved in screen printing?
I started screen printing in college for some friends' rock bands - posters & t-shirts to sell at concerts, and occasionally an album cover. When I moved to Baltimore in 2004, I started Red Prairie Press in my free time, but was working for an art print company during the day (we supplied hotels, conference centers & the like with lifeless ugly outdated artwork in mass quantities, and I was the office manager. A truly unfortunate & depressing business to be in as an artist. I absolutely despised it.) I quit & went to full time with Red Prairie Press in 2006 and never looked back. I can't imagine doing anything else.

What influences you and your work?
Folk art, Americana, Oaxacan textiles, nature, vintage wallpaper, fabric pattern design, children's book illustrations, old china, craft fairs... a little of everything.

What is your favorite part about what you do?
I absolutely love working for myself. That's my favorite part about my job. In terms of screen-printing, I think my favorite part is pulling the first print from a freshly burned screen. You know what you designed, and you know what color you're printing it in, but even so - it's always a surprise.

Rachel (also a painter) currently has a one-woman show up in Philadelphia's Art Star Gallery & Boutique featuring 51 new paintings (above). You can check them out and buy prints of the paintings online here. She'll have these prints for sale at Second Storie. Yay!

In the meantime, you can find Red Prairie Press online here and here. You can also stay updated via their blog.

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