VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Studio Lee-Davis

A true Roycroft Artisan, Steven Lee Davis creates wood engravings that invite you into another world. Meticulously hand carved, and printed in the richest black, these photos simply can't capture the amazing texture, detail and quality that these prints have. Seeing them in person is a must, so make sure you stop by his table! 
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A lovely frame to hold a treasured photo or a beautiful pill box to make a daily ritual a little less mundane. The mixture of unique paper and attention to detail are just the first thing you will begin to love about Brooke's collection. A great gift, if you can bear to part with them!

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VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Planetarium

We are continually blown away by the gorgeous textiles offered up by the lovely Esther Yaloz of Planetarium. Elegant botanical combined with metallic fabrics and a strong modern design. Perhaps the only thing sweeter than these pieces is Esther herself. Make sure you stop by, say hello and snag one of your favorites before they're gone!

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VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Fly Rabbit Press

It's likely that you've seen the work of Fly Rabbit Press, even if you didn't know it. They've designed numerous posters for local bands, shows, and events. Their prints are just shy of traditional, yet steeped in old-timey fonts and graphics. Not to mention their quirky greeting cards. Fun is an understatement! A trip to the moon? Yes please.

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VENDOR /// SPOTLIGHT :: Tanya Zani Photography

Tiny little windows into hidden, abandoned worlds. Tanya Zani's photographs show us the beauty of haunted and forgotten places. We're thrilled to welcome her to Second Storie this year.

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