2010 Vendor Spotlight: Bookhou

We are so thrilled to welcome Arounna Khounnoraj from Bookhou as one of our newest vendors. From a beautiful tea towel to a lovely pillow to an incredible linen basket, we know you're going to be as smitten as we are! I know my Christmas list just got a bit longer!

Where are you and your studio located?
Our studio and shop is located in Toronto, Canada. Our building is a combination of home, studio and shop.

did you get started with silkscreen and textile design?
I went to art school and did mostly sculpture work. A few years after I finished school. I did a residency at Harbourfront Craft Studios and was reacquainted with silk-screening and really liked how I can interpret my drawings on textile.

What has been influencing you lately?
My current influence is repetitive patterns found in nature and my urban surroundings.

What is your favorite part about Bookhou?
My favorite part would have to be that I am able to wake up each morning practice my art/craft. I am a real tactile person and the touching and manipulating of the surface and object is very real to me.

What else do you have going on, in addition to Second Storie?

The weekend of Second Storie (November 27 & 28) is the same weekend as the One of a Kind show - a big craft show here in Toronto. I guess I will see how well I can juggle.

Well, we're excited to see! Can't wait for November? Check out all of
Bookhou's incredible wares here, or better yet, stop into their store in Toronto and say hi!

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Amber Mahler said...

These are gorgeous, can't wait to buy, or maybe trade!