2010 Vendor Spotlight: The Fuzzy Bunny

Liz Yockel of The Fuzzy Bunny has been joining us at our show for a few years now, and I think she has successfully gotten each one of us hooked on her amazing bath + body products. We each have our own weakness for her deliciously scented soaps, lip balms lotions. The Fuzzy Bunny also offers beautiful hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn.

Where does The Fuzzy Bunny call home?
The Fuzzy Bunny World Headquarters recently relocated to Canandaigua, NY after a decade away.

What brought you to soap-making and yarn-spinning?
I have always been addicted to bath + body products and I made many experimental scrubs and balms in high school. It wasn't until college, when I took organic chemistry, that I learned how to make soap. This came at a time when I was becoming more aware of the environment and sustainability in general, so I tried my hand at making vegan bath + body products, loved it, and never looked back.

Then I moved to Vermont, where I encountered my first sheep and wool festival. I went to the festival in search of hand spun yarn for my own knitting, but ended up in a beginner's spinning wheel workshop and decided I liked spinning even more than knitting. Of course, once I started, there was no end. If I knew how to spin, then I wanted to learn how to dye, and if I knew how to dye, I wanted to learn how to prepare fiber from raw fleece. And now I want sheep and fields of flax and dye plants.

What are your current influences?
Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit is an amazing spinner of art yarns and I could scroll through photos of her yarn for hours. My nose is highly influential when it comes to soap making.

What is your favorite part about your craft?

Color. I'm all about the color, whether I'm dyeing fiber or picking brightly colored paper to package soap. Intensely saturated colors and the realization of an especially appealing color blend can make my day.

You can find The Fuzzy Bunny Bath products here and their hand-spun fibers here.

If you're in the western New York area you can find them at the Junior League of Rochester Holiday Market, October 16 + 17. And if you miss them there, try the Mayday! Underground Crafts + Art, November 6. And, of course at Second Storie November 27 + 28!

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Kira said...

I have her Peppermint Tea Tree lip balm and I LOVE it! :)