2010 Vendor Spotlight: Kala Stein

Happy Monday to you all!

Today, we are excited to resume our Vendor Spotlight series. We'll be introducing our fabulous artists one by one over the next few weeks. They've been gracious enough to answer a few questions so that you can get to know not only their work, but a little bit about what makes them tick. We begin our series with clay artist, and Second Storie veteran, Kala Stein.

Where are you and your studio located?

Canadice, NY about 1 hr. south of Rochester. On the ridge between Honeoye and Canadice Lake.

Tell us how you came to work with this medium.
I Started working with clay 10 years ago when I was an undergrad at SUNY New Paltz. I started in graphic design but was more attracted to the community atmosphere of the clay studio. At a certain point I was hooked and there was no looking back. You can find the graphic influence in my work still, especially in my tile work and sliced vases.

What are your current influences?
Historical Persian and Asian vessels, contemporary design, architecture, flora and fauna, and local community and economies.

What is your favorite part about working with clay?
I love the labor that is undeniable when working with clay, from mixing powdered earth with water to create the clay itself, making glazes, forming, firing kilns- the medium is very elemental in that I have to be attentive and coax the forces of earth, clay, water, and fire into an object.

I love the medium because it is so versatile. Anything can be made with ceramic materials from architectural tile, to insulators, to table ware, to jewelry. It is also the oldest known creative medium on earth and is known to have been the women's work. Its a cross-cultural medium and the link that clay has with food is ancient tradition but still very common today.

You can find Kala at the newly opened Coach Street Clay studio in Canandaigua, NY where she'll be teaching classes in wheel throwing, tile making and hand-built pottery.

She'll also be hosting a Rural Holiday Sale and Clearing House, December 4 & 11 at the Mill Creek Cafe in Honeoye.

Go to Kala's site to see more of her beautiful work. And be sure to stop in and say hello to her in person at our show in November!

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