a visit with: Shanna Murray

Over the next few months leading up to our November market, Tuesday through Thursday we'll be showcasing one of our 2012 market artists, their work, and a little peek at where they make the magic happen. We hope you'll enjoy this new series, where we'll ask the same questions of each of our makers. 

You'll get to know a little bit about our talented makers and what inspires them, read about their favorite ways to recharge their creativity, and learn what experience has shown them to be an invaluable piece of the puzzle in selling their work. Come November, won't it be great to walk into a room filled with inspiring, familiar faces? We think so, too!

Today we're visiting with one of our very own, illustrator and Second Storie co-founder, Shanna Murray...

a visit with:

- Shanna Murray - 

What first inspired you to create/make what you do now?
A handful of years ago, at a friend's suggestion, I turned some of my illustrations into decals. The moment I saw the first vinyl garland cut and then hung on the wall, I was hooked!

Your advice for someone just starting out
and wanting to sell their work?
I think the only advice I can give that is universally applicable to whatever your creative endeavor may be is to make what brings you happiness and share with others why this is so. I've found the connection between a product and its maker is something people really value, don't be afraid to tell your story. I'd also add that surrounding yourself with creative friends and peers that you respect and admire can be invaluable, both personally and creatively.

- her studio -

Three things or people who inspire you?
Poetry inspires me, specifically the words of Mary Oliver.
My sweetheart inspires me, mostly for his capacity for kindness, but also for his gorgeous work as a waller. The album Graceland, by Paul Simon, is something I can always return to and feel full, when my creative well runs dry.

- her work -

Favorite way to take a break/recharge your creative batteries?
At the top of my list is time with my beloved dog, Ollie, at our favorite creek. The quiet and the company do wonders for me.

Any news or upcoming events you'd like to share?
New this month: my collection of holiday carol stationery created specially for Terrain. Also, I will be launching a small holiday line in my own shop this Friday!

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