a visit with: Rachel Chaffee of Made by Rachel

Over the next few months leading up to our November market, Tuesday through Thursday we'll be showcasing one of our 2012 market artists, their work, and a little peek at where they make the magic happen. We hope you'll enjoy this new series, where we'll ask the same questions of each of our makers. 

You'll get to know a little bit about our talented makers and what inspires them, read about their favorite ways to recharge their creativity, and learn what experience has shown them to be an invaluable piece of the puzzle in selling their work. Come November, won't it be great to walk into a room filled with inspiring, familiar faces? We think so, too!

We're kicking off today by visiting with accessories designer and first time Second Storie vendor, Rachel Chaffee...

a visit with:

- Rachel Chaffee - 

What first inspired you to create/make what you do now?
Visiting the Savage Beauty exhibition of Alexander McQueen's work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Most of the exhibit was very dark and haunting: blacks and oxbloods with touches of gold and metallics. I had a difficult time not touching the leather and stitching of the exhibition pieces. Seeing that made me want to work with recycled leather and hides and metallic paint.

Your advice for someone just starting out
and wanting to sell their work?
Only ask for feedback on your work if you truly want it: surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you creatively and you'll always be grateful for their input.

- her studio -

Three things or people who inspire you?
Origami artist Paul Jackson says about his craft "The process of making is the point of it." I really resonate with that. The process of working with materials and waiting for those moments when something comes together is what I enjoy the most about the process of making things. Writer Anne Panning really captures this in the connection people have to what they do and what they make, whether that's making butter or painting and sewing a tiny wallet. I find inspiration in people who value the importance of process; in the small steps it takes to make something.

- her work -

Favorite way to take a break/recharge your creative batteries?
Going for a run; being surrounded by materials I might not use in my own work but inspire me, like bits of ribbon and thread and vintage buttons. I collect antique/vintage buttons and scissors. Mokuba on Queen Street West in Toronto is my haven.

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