Vendor Spotlight: Secret Pocket

You will likely remember Mackenzie Sasser for her lovely display of fabric covered magnets. This year, you'll find a whole new Secret Pocket with a table full of her beautiful, soft (and I mean soft) handwoven scarves.

What was the inspiration for such fun name?

My husband and I were brainstorming and he said secret pocket, and immediately it clicked for me, because I grew up as a young girl who's greatest dream was to have a coat with secret pockets (that's what I actually called them) like my dad's suits where he kept tic tacs. So it just seemed perfect, even though I don't make anything with secret pockets in it (a frequent question).

What music do you like to listen to while working?
Calm stuff, like Sufjan, or girl singers like she and him, or St. Vincent. I am totally biased toward girl singers.

Where is your studio?
In a spare bedroom in my house.

How did you get started in weaving & knitting?
I had an opportunity to learn how to weave from a friend's mom, and I have always wanted to learn. Every week in the summer I went to her house and got lessons.

What are your current influences?
I am really inspired by Japanese styling, and minimal Scandinavian design.

What is your favorite part about your craft?

Being an avid knitter, I love the quiet solitude and repetitive nature of weaving, and that I can put on a movie and work for a few hours.

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