2010 Vendor Spotlight: The Maple Ridge

What can we say about Drew Zangerle of The Maple Ridge? We just adore him. A true Second Storie veteran now, his art provides a much needed sense of humor and zaniness to every show.

Where are you and/or your studio located ?
I work out of Philadelphia, PA. My studio changes locations frequently...sometimes my bedroom, sometimes the dining room, sometimes the living room, and sometimes the floor.

What are your current influences?
I can't pin-point any specific influences because I think I just take it all in and things just come out the way that they do. I never bind myself to any particular way of working so I can feel free to draw inspiration from where ever it seems to come from at the moment.

What is your favorite part about your art/craft?
My favorite part about my art/craft is getting to go to shows and see old friends and make new ones. I spend almost all of my free time in the house working on some project or another and when I finally get to a show I'm usually filled with a lot of excitement and joy.

Where did the name The Maple Ridge come from?

My business was named after a road in my hometown. Small town roads can have some really great names. I've used street names from around my hometown for a bunch of different projects from my arts and crafts business to performing music and writing. It helps a lot when you have a last name that 95% of the world doesn't say right.

Drew currently has a solo show up at ArtStar in Philadelphia of 83 hand-painted wood signs entitled "The Big Sea."

You can find more of his drawings (like the ones we can't s how you here!) in his shop.

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