2010 Vendor Spotlight: Happy Owl Glassworks

Today we're taking a break from Friday Favorites to continue our Vendor Spotlight series. We've got so many awesome vendors to share, we simply can't wait!

Every so often, we need to satisfy our innate desire to have colorful, shiny things. And to wear them around our necks! Meet Tracy, the driving force behind Happy Owl Glassworks.

Where does the Happy Owl family call home?
Happy Owl Glassworks is in Concord, MA, just outside of Boston

How did you get started in glassmaking?

I began the medium of glass in 1997, when I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology. I studied glassmaking and received my BFA. After a few years of doing other work, I decided to let my degree pay the bills and so I started Happy Owl in 2003 with the intention of selling handcrafted, functional glassware with a naturalist curiosity.

What influences your work?
I'm inspired by the natural world, in general. I mostly study photographs for direct inspiration. But I love looking at the works of Audubon, William Blake, Albrecht Dürer, as well as zoological illustrations from the 18th and 19th centuries. I love the color palette of those early works!

What is your favorite part about Happy Owl?
I love drawing, which is the early part of my process. But then taking my illustration and putting it onto glass makes the drawing that much more exciting! Bringing that light and dimension into the work, even if it's as simple as a Christmas ornament or a small pendant, adds depth and now it's this tactile little treasure.

What do you have coming up before Second Storie that you'd like to share?
I am participating in the Twist Fair in Northampton, MA on November 12 & 13. Looking forward to being back in Rochester for my second Second Storie!

Well we can't wait, either! See you all next week.

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