2010 Vendor Spotlight: Previously

Oooh.... are we ever excited to welcome Elide Endreson of Previously to our show! She makes the most beautiful 1920's vintage reproduction garters. All made by hand, in the exact way they were made back then, they feature gorgeous ribbon flowers & details. They make you want to get a smart little dress and head out for a night of swing dancing!

What was the inspiration the name Previously?
I chose the name Previously because I wanted to focus on the vintage reproduction aspect of the garters I make. I knew that any other accessories I made in the future would be heavily influenced by or close reproductions of vintage items.

Where are you and your studio located?
I'm running Previously out of my studio, an extra room in our Chicago apartment. I moved here in 2001 to pursue a master's degree in fine art and along the way, decided Chicago was home.

How did you come to make garters and accessories?

I have always liked to sew and construct things with fabric. Before I started Previously, the art I was making revolved around themes such as the labor of sewing, women's work, and with memory. I've always been drawn to objects and places that represent the past and the ways people used to live. I took a garment construction class between semesters of grad school, which gave me a much better understanding of some of the techniques used to finish garments. It also helped me to realize how much I enjoy the process of putting something together, when the pieces fit into place like a puzzle. I prefer to make small, detailed things, so making accessories seemed like a good fit.

t influences you?
I drew a lot of inspiration from the Illustrations of George Barbier, a fashion illustrator in the 1920s, for the current line. Looking at those images gave me a sense of what color combinations were often used in the 20's. I'm always on the lookout for art deco architectural details when I'm out in my neighborhood and I'm fascinated by the way things used to be made. I spend a lot of time looking at objects, illustrations and photographs from the 1920s to understand how the garters I make should be constructed and styled. When I look at antiques and ephemera from a particular period, it's like I'm trying to understanding a particular language, and I try to make my accessories with that dialect in mind. The challenge is to speak that language using contemporary materials and to keep the garters authentic looking while at the same time relevant to today's design

What is your favorite part about making these accessories?
The research and development stage is always the best part of the process for me because it's full of discoveries and possibilities.

You can find all of these amazing garter boxed sets in her shop, and you can keep up with Previously by checking out her blog. Don't forget to stop by our event to say hello and see her incredible work in person!

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