a visit with: Cara Lynne

Over the next few months leading up to our November market, Tuesday through Thursday we'll be showcasing one of our 2012 market artists, their work, and a little peek at where they make the magic happen. We hope you'll enjoy this new series, where we'll ask the same questions of each of our makers. 

You'll get to know a little bit about our talented makers and what inspires them, read about their favorite ways to recharge their creativity, and learn what experience has shown them to be an invaluable piece of the puzzle in selling their work. Come November, won't it be great to walk into a room filled with inspiring, familiar faces? We think so, too!

We couldn't think of a better way to kick off this very fall-like week than by spending some time with terribly talented, first time Second Storie vendor, Cara Lynne...

a visit with:

- Cara Lynne - 

What first inspired you to create/make what you do now?
I love the possibilities of hand drawn type. I started out copying out of textbooks and very old specimen books, but then fell in love with experimenting and pushing the limits of readability and line work.

Your advice for someone just starting out
and wanting to sell their work?
Don't feel pressured to have everything all together at the beginning. (Everything being: cheap supplies, finances, customer service, branding, etc.) Part of learning what your work is all about is learning what it's not, and that can't be learned OR made overnight.

- her studio -

Three things or people who inspire you? 
All wonderful people with a fresh look on life and design.

- her work -

Favorite way to take a break/recharge your creative batteries?
Do something completely different! (But still productive!)When I'm sick of drawing, I cook. When I'm sick of cooking, I photograph. I run a food and writing magazine which is my "day job" and it keeps me incredibly inspired.

Any news or upcoming events you'd like to share?
The fall issue of Cara's Chickpea Magazine, a Vegan Quarterly has just been released. Cara will also be stocking her shop in the coming weeks, in preparation for the holidays.

Get to know more about Cara here:


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