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we're talking with our sponsors! we thought you might want to get to know the people and businesses that have helped us make the second storie indie market happen. we recently spoke with vicki and chris hartman of the south wedge farmer's market. their ideas for a weekly market devoted to sustainable farming has become a model for others here in rochester. we here at second storie were honored to spend the summer with them at the market curating the art + craft tent. we witnessed a thriving community come together each week to support local farmers and their neighboorhood.

How long has the market been in business?
This is the second year for the SWFM. 

Tell our readers a little about the south wedge farmer's market
The SWFM is a neighborhood based outdoor local, producer only farmers’ market that focuses on sustainably produced fruits, vegetables, and other foods.

What made you decide to be a sponsor of second storie?
The second storie indie market is near to our hearts, as we see it as the craft parallel to the SWFM. We work to bring high quality, locally grown foods to Rochester not only because it is the healthiest food you can get, but also because it is the best way to spend your food money. Keep it right here in our city! At second storie, people can find high quality, beautifully crafted goods sold by the hands that made them and know that their money goes i
nto supporting that person’s endeavors to be an artist. The goods are unique and well made, in much the same way the food at our market is from healthy soil and fresher than you would find in a supermarket. Both venues give consumers a choice they don’t get in the big stores, a choice to find product that comes from the heart, not from the factory. There is an inherent environmental statement here, too. At second storie, shoppers will find small-scale production that is much more appropriate to our changing world and friendlier to our resources.

do you think that the handmade/diy movement relates to what you at the market?

For reasons stated above, yes! I think as more people get tired of thoughtless design and meaningless environments, they seek out alternatives, like making for themselves and becoming more self sufficient in many ways. Naturally, this will follow through to the food they eat, and will lead them to places like the SWFM for something with more integrity.

south wedge farmer's market
located at the corner of south clinton and alexander streets
ever thursday from 4-8
may 8 - november 20


L'Atelier said...

its great to hear that there are people who care, beyond their income and themself.
its great that you introduce your sponsors... if i would live in your neck of the wood i would definitly go and visit all their businesses

second storie said...

you're so sweet! we truly love all of our sponsors and thought everyone should have the chance to "meet" them.