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we're talking with our sponsors! we thought you might want to get to know the people and businesses that have helped us make the second storie indie market happen. we recently spoke with mike from thread. if you don't already know, thread is the coolest clothing store in rochester, hands down. located in the thriving and hip southwedge neighborhood, they have made a name for themselves in a very short time.

how long has thread been in business?
Since March 16, 2007

tell us a little about thread.
Thread is a clothing and gift boutique inspired and driven by art and fashion. Sandy and I try to find independent companies that are creating innovative work. We like to feature local vendors when we can, and are always trying to find handmade goods.

what made you want to open up a shop like this?
We started thread because we had a passion to have all creative control over our own business. We worked together in a boutique during college and loved the experience; I guess we just wanted something like that for our own.

you have been a sponsor of ours since our very first show! what made you decide to sponsor second storie indie market?
We feel that supporting local vendors is something that sets us apart fr
om big box and mall retailers. Since we own the store and work in it on a daily basis we can say "hey- we like what you are doing and want to carry your product in our store". It allows us to not only be profitable but allows us to put that profit back into our community. We own this business, we live in this city- it matters to us! second storie is the same idea- facilitating interaction between artists and the general public, so to us it is a good investment.

how you think that the handmade/diy movement relates to your business?
It's important to support product that is handmade and made in the USA. The rise of the DIY movement has made it much easier for us to be able to find hand made items and buy from the artist directly. Via blogs, talking to local artists and online sites like etsy, we have been able to find amazing jewelry, greeting cards, shirts, scarves, etc... that are mad
e by the hand of the artist themselves. This process is much more beneficial for a community than supporting the "race to bottom" ideas that stores like Walmart are based on.

654 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620
phone: 585.232.7110

we'll be talking with some of our other sponsors in the days ahead, so keep checkin' in!

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L'Atelier said...

what an intressting sponsor! love their photos on myspace- specially the little owl purse

i am always so glad when people refuse to join or support the race to the bottom.. honestly its such a rubbish concept. claiming that one is better off with a soulless bad quality piece that might be cheaper in first place, but one pays the price on so many other levels! Nothing beats the handcrafted product!