the buzz around town!

we've been getting some pretty awesome press lately and we though we'd share some of it with you. over the weekend, shanna and i were guests on the 1040AM radio program discover the fingerlakes. it was broadcast from the rorbach brewing company on railroad street near the public market on saturday morning. we had a great time talking with michael about second storie. you can find a podcast of that interview here.

if you happened to pick up the rochester business journal recently, you might have noticed a small but wonderful piece about our little market. without ever speaking with us, sally parker seemed to truly understand the heart of what we do here at second storie.

and make sure you pick up today's edition of the city paper! you shouldn't have much trouble finding us...


sarah ahearn bellemare said...

so great!!! i just got through listening to the podcast... so funny and sweet. hope you were all drinking beer too. : ) nice job ladies! that interviewer cracked me up with his "hebbie jeebies" *s

second storie said...

thanks sarah!
i wish we could say we were offered beer, but sadly we were not. it was still fun anyway!