our family is growing!

we've been harboring a secret...
but now we're ready to share it with all of you!

we are giddy with excitement to announce shelly bronson and nicole lecht as new members to our ever growing second storie family! both are tremendously talented artists whose work you may know more familiarly as french press and freshly blended press.

they have both been friends of second storie from the very beginning so it was a natural fit. both shelly and nicole live and work in buffalo, new york. their feeling (and ours) was that buffalo has a fantastic art + craft scene but lacks an indie craft market like second storie.


yep, that's right! we're bringing all our handmade goodness to you, buffalo! and we will be setting up shop as early as next spring! both nicole and shelly know the buffalo art + craft scene very well and are certain to bring a whole new energy to second storie. we are totally pumped to begin this new chapter!

we'll have more news on this exciting front in the near future including the when, the where and the how-can-i-apply!

until then, get crafting.


nicole lecht said...

awesome! thanks for the post, we are super excited to be apart of the extended fam!

Kenzie said...

triple yay! hope to be involved when it comes!

LindsayLuu said...

ooooo... exciting!