it's still not too late!

our application deadline is today, monday the 27th. if you hurry, you can still make it!

we're bursting at the seams to tell you some of the amazing applicants we've gotten already! we are sworn to secrecy right now but we'll share with you soon, we promise. trust us when we tell you that this second storie indie market is shaping up to be simply the best ever!

wanna to do your part to make sure it is? we really want to get the word out. by hanging posters and fliers in your corner of the city, you can help make sure that everyone knows about it. plus, when you are there with your friends and it's totally packed and everyone is having an absolute blast, you can say: "yeah, i helped make it awesome."

now, how cool is that.

drop us a line and let us know you want to spread the word.

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