a visit with: Tracy Bull of Happy Owl Glassworks

Over the next few months leading up to our November market, Tuesday through Thursday we'll be showcasing one of our 2012 market artists, their work, and a little peek at where they make the magic happen. We hope you'll enjoy this new series, where we'll ask the same questions of each of our makers. 

You'll get to know a little bit about our talented makers and what inspires them, read about their favorite ways to recharge their creativity, and learn what experience has shown them to be an invaluable piece of the puzzle in selling their work. Come November, won't it be great to walk into a room filled with inspiring, familiar faces? We think so, too!

We're delighted to kick off our series this week by spending some time with talented glass artist and returning Second Storie vendor, Tracy Bull...

a visit with:

- Tracy Bull - 

What first inspired you to create/make what you do now?
In 2001 I saw an ad on Craigslist for a small, cheap kiln and I thought, hmmm... maybe I could pay off my student loan debt with what I actually went to school for (glass!). I played around with a few ideas and had my first craft show in 2003. Seeing other people create things was incredibly inspiring, and I kept going from there.

Your advice for someone just starting out
and wanting to sell their work?
Hands down: go for it, and start small! There is very little monetary investment in making a few items taking beautiful, flattering photos of them and posting them on Etsy. Or even more simple, wear what you make or give them as gifts and put a little card in there with your info. Tell your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social media gets your ideas out there. It's just so easy these days, it's hard to give a reason not to at least try!

- her studio -

Three things or people who inspire you?
I've always been inspired by Audubon, Seba and other early illustrators of the curiosities of our natural world. And what with so many delicious sites out there these days my brain is constantly spinning with creative nourishment... I feel I've got a touch of inspiration-overload-disorder!

- her work -

Favorite way to take a break/recharge your creative batteries?
Take a new class, get a new perspective. Although completely unrelated from the visually creative field, I'm taking a fencing class soon. I expect to be completely inspired by en garde!

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