Plants as art

Plants can be used as art. Why not, right? Forget the planter sitting idly on your desk or bookshelf. These ideas make plants the feature in your room. All it takes is a little imagination and, in some cases, a little work. A wall of succulents? A long creeper of vine trailing across the room? Yes, please.

from top:
Pterosaur Whisperer (via Lovely Clusters)
Ye Rin Mok (via Mint)
Manos (via all the mountains)
Skona Hem (via
Apartment Therapy)


karen said...

These are gorgeous!

second storie said...

Aren't they? The first one is of a succulent wall in some faraway botanical garden. Tried to find some tutorials on how to make your own (they're out there) but the photos just weren't as pretty.

second storie said...

here's a good one:

Brandi said...

The plants as the chandelier is just fabulous! There's a group at Rutgers University that has designed vertical gardens which are just beautiful.

second storie said...

Oooh! That sounds like it's worth checking out! Thanks!!

Ann said...

Ah, now these are brilliant ideas - instead of cutting the leggy bits off my philodendrons (which always seems kind of cruel), I'll tack them to the wall as art! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment - made my day!