Pin It Forward

What does Home mean to you? That is the question sfgirlbybay and Pinterest have posed to all of us. 300 bloggers have signed up to answer that question with a virtual pinboard. Every day 10 bloggers post their pinboards and talk a little bit about home and what it means to them. Today we are super happy to see pinboards from our own Shanna Murray and our dear, dear friend Nicole of Freshly Blended. They have created two beautifully unique boards, both a perfect reflection of their personalities. You can learn so much about someone from a visual project like this Much more than words alone can share. The images above come from their collections.You can find Shanna's here and Nicole's here. Victoria of sfgirlbybay launched the project last week with her pinboard, and a beautiful post.

We're looking forward to all the pinboards to come!


L'Atelier said...

LOVE your pins. love the pin-it-forward thing too. spent hours thinking about mine. :)
going to find your pinboard now

second storie said...

Awww, thanks! You can go straight to Shanna's and Nicole's pinboards by clicking on the photos - they'll take you right there! And then you can spend HOURS perusing all the others! Such fun!