Latent Pattern at Dog + Pony Projects

Latent Pattern, is the first exhibit by one of Buffalo's newest galleries Dog and Pony Projects. It features the works of John Fleischer and Arjan Zazueta, both known for their use of pattern. The exhibit opened on Friday May, 7th and continues through June 29th.

From Dog + Pony's site: "Formally and conceptually, their work is based in painting and drawing, but blur those lines and reach into the realm of sculpture. While both artists concern themselves with insignificant materials, and catch the viewer’s eye with pattern, they strive to illuminate underlying issues of impermanence, self-awareness and perception."

In a word: gorgeous. Get on over there and check it out.

Dog + Pony Projects
561 Forest Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14222


Elizabeth Switzer said...

super awesome that you guys shared this! rebekah and time (the owners) are friends of mine. the show was AWESOME too.

Elizabeth Switzer said...

Err make that Tim, not time....

second storie said...

The show looks amazing. We should have noted that we found out about it through you! So, thanks :)