Friday Favorites

Today's Favorite is something I've been looking forward to sharing with you for weeks! I've been day-dreaming of these little automata hand crank wooden sail boats lately. They're made by a fine gentleman in Portland who calls himself cartoonmonster. You can find his delightful shop here.

In my opinion, they're the perfect type of handmade present. A small, carefully made treasure that is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you bring it to life. It's certainly on my wish list - but even better, a loved one with an upcoming birthday will be the recipient of one of these beauties very soon! I know he's going to love it as much as I do.

I'm so grateful that artists like cartoonmonster make the work they do. Work like this ensures that little joys and magic sparks that set the heart a-flutter will never die out. Thank goodness for that.

Hope your heart's a-flutter, too!

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joAnn said...

So, so in love with these. I just can't get over the motion of those tiny waves. How magical, to keep the ocean in your pocket :)