Where The Wild Things Really Are

The past week (or two or three!) has been Where The Wild Things Are mania. The movie itself is quite beautiful and haunting. It has stuck with me and has been on my mind since I saw it. As wonderful as the movie is however, I still prefer Maurice Sendak's illustrations from the book. I wanted to see if some of his original sketches were around and found that they were. The Morgan Library and Museum is currently exhibiting a collection of Sendak's original designs and sketches as well as first drafts of the story for his beloved book. I wish I could go!

In my search I also came across a past exhibit worth mentioning. Terrible Yellow Eyes took place at Gallery Nucleus and featured original works by contemporary artists inspired by Where The Wild Things Are.

Daniel Matutina

Even though the Terrible Yellow Eyes physical exhibit is closed, it is also an online gallery of work in the form of a blog. You can check it out here. It is really beautiful.


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Rina Miriam Drescher said...

Yesssss. Thank you for linking me to that. I was wondering the same thing myself. And it's up until Nov 1st!