See America

I don't know about you guys, but I spent last week glued to the television for Ken Burns' documentary on our National Parks. I sat in awe of their beauty, and was shocked at the struggle that ensued not just to create them, but also keep them intact. It was riveting. I realize now though, that there was never a mention of the WPA posters that were commissioned to promote them. Not only were they providing much needed work to artists during the Depression, they are absolutely stunning.

Sadly, not many of the original serigraphs exist today. Most of what you see are reprints, and a good number of them are new designs fashioned in the original style. You can find all the designs here, thanks to Ranger Doug who has made it his mission to recover all of them and make them available to everyone again.

I love that they simply say "See America."
I for one, intend to.


wren said...

thanks so much for this post! i love our national parks and have visited as many as possible in my ventures across the country. thanks for the poster info too. these will make a beautiful graphic story board of our trips around the us.

Lori said...

WOW. These posters are beautiful. I completely agree with you.

second storie said...

Thanks, ladies! And these are only a few of the gorgeous posters. I had a hard time choosing which ones to feature! And I agree: what better way to remember your adventures than with one of these? Art that tells your personal story...