Friday Favorite

Simply loving the look of these vintage-inspired custom bus scrolls by TransitDesign. You send in your list of favorite places and you get a super-cool canvas scroll in the style of vintage destination blinds found in train and bus stations.

What a neat way to commemorate places you've lived or visited. Or you could fill it with places you've never been but have always wanted to. How's that for a bucket-list?

Don't forget that you have a mere few days to get your application in to us! The deadline is Monday, August 2nd.


My Owl Barn said...

This is a great idea! I can imagine it in my study. Thanks for sharing!

KERRY said...

What a lovely blog you have...Thanks for commenting on mine, so I was able to find yours.

second storie said...

MOB: I can imagine it virtually anywhere in my place, I love it so!
Kerry, you're welcome,and thank YOU!