Cool Kicks.

Wow. Could there be any cooler pairing than a legendary shoe company and a couple of amazingly talented letterpress artists?

Keds Collective is a collaboration that takes the classic Keds shoes, a bunch of well-known and emerging artists and designers and combines them to make the coolest Keds you've ever seen. You'll find a lot of familiar names on the long list of collaborators, but we're rather partial to the line designed by our friends over at Pearl & Marmalade! We couldn't be happier for them and this amazing opportunity. We also couldn't be happier for ourselves, too since it means we can buy some seriously cool shoes! Foxes, zebras, and squirrels on my feet? Yes, please and thank you.

You can see Pearl & Marmalade's post about it here.

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karen said...

I had to order a pair! I couldn't help it! I'm super excited; these will be the perfect summer shoe!