One & Other

I found a post about this on culturebot the other day and couldn't help but share.

all photos: Where The Art Is

one & other is british artist antony gormley's latest project in which 2400 volunteering participants occupy the space atop the fourth plinth in london's trafalger square for one hour each.

i know. it sounds a bit... unimpressive at first. but when it really sinks in, each hour for 100 days will feature a different member of our massive human race doing anything they want.
how many people will use this time as a literal platform for their politics?
will the creativity of the participants escalate as the project continues?
will we be able to draw any anthropological conclusions from this when it's over?
regardless of these questions, if the project's flickr photo gallery or live streaming video are any indication, this will be well worth keeping up with over the next 96 days.

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