underground opera

we love these guys!

photos by: Rose DiSalvo

opera cabal does with opera what second storie does with art+craft. this incredibly talented group of musicians, artists, composers and performers, based dually out of chicago and new york city, knows how to put on an opera festival. their shows effortlessly marry the most brilliant young operatic talent with breathtaking spacial manipulation by visual and sound artists. this is not your grandmother's opera. (go here and here to see some of their past events)
hoping to inspire more interest and support, on march 19th opera cabal will be having a party in new york (an Opera Cabal Upper West Side Benefit Soiree, if you will), featuring performances by the musicians of Opera Cabal and sound installation by electronic sound artist, Jason Ponce.
in addition to the musical performances, they will also be auctioning off donated art+crafty goods and services, among them a few items from second storie. (if you're interested in donating, please feel free to contact nick at
we're hoping for huge success with this party, and for opera cabal in general. we're so thrilled to find more and more kindred spirits out there!
ps. did i forget to brag that i get to go to this soiree!? i'm so excited!

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