we are so proud to tell you that this last weekend exceeded even our own expectations! we welcomed over 500 shoppers to our tables and they were treated to a truly impressive group of artists and crafters. we are bursting with happiness and holiday spirit as the weekend was full of conversation and good cheer. new friends were made and good friends were reunited.

thank you to our fantastically talented vendors. we watched you stream in one by one with your vintage suitcases and crates. we then watched as your blank white tables transformed into beautiful and distinct little shops. we are humbled, awed and inspired by all of you. it is your talent and generosity that make our events amazing!

a delicious gourmet brunch was donated by a food goddess to whom we are so grateful! we, our vendors and even our shoppers ate well all day on sunday. and without boulder coffee's generous donation of hot cider and coffee, we surely would have had less bounce in our step!

our dear friend nicole of freshly blended took some of these fabulous photos. most of us were too busy to take more than a couple, so thank you nicole for documenting our weekend so lovingly! you can find many, many more here.

as with every show, we each devote all of our extra time and energy to making it as great as it can be. and each time we are rewarded by the gracious and selfless help of our friends. a big hug and a heartfelt thanks to jake, lindsay and mike for your tireless efforts to make our events shine. you provide constant support and much needed comic relief. we love you guys.

jenna of small bird said the most lovely words about the experience and put it better than i ever could. thanks jenna!

we'll be back on friday with our regular favorites post. we'll see you then!


jenna said...

I wish I had written down some of the comments the shoppers made about the show! One woman came back on Sunday because there were several items that had "haunted her," and another said it was "the most pleasant visual experience she'd had in a long time." An absolute success, for sure. :) Thanks, again!

Rachael said...

You guys did a fabulous job with this show and I had the most wonderful time. Wish I could have been there two days but Saturday was such a treat. Please please please keep me posted on when the next one is!

Lori said...

It was really wonderful. Great atmosphere!

second storie said...

thanks so much ladies for all your kind words! we couldn't be happier that everyone's experience was positive! It is, after all, what is most important to us.

L'Atelier said...

congratulations! sounds like an absolute success! its very inspiring to see! :) For me the selling is the most daunting part of being a crafter- and i always find it exciting to see that other do so well.
As a buyer though: Nothing is nicer than getting something beautiful from a nice venue and a nice crafter :D